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Published on February 22nd, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Banger Alert: Final Level Music Releases ‘They Don’t Like That’ by M Dot Taylor Feat. Mozzy

Hey now…the team over at Ice-T’s Final Level Music, helmed by the one and only Hen Gee, ARE NOT playing around and on his birthday today 2/22/22, signee MDotTaylor brought major heat on this single They Don’t Like That featuring the inimitable Mozzy. M Dot really stands up on this joint and lets loose, not that he has been slacking on any of his other joints but this one reveals some nuances in his delivery and as they say in the boxing world he’s got “evil intentions” with every lyric he throws. I’ve never been disappointed with Dot’s music since I began covering him a couple of years ago…this one made me really happy though. Mozzy of course comes with it and makes for a great paring with Dot…I could see these two on a roll down the road.

By: MDotTaylor &  Mozzy

Producer:  Shef_Made

For: Final Level Music

Distributor: GL Distribution & Empire

Coming up from Final Level Music is what could very well be a modern-day classic with signee Namek, the legendary DJ Battlecat who also produced this track, and NHale pka Baby Nate Dogg called PRICELESS due out March 25th also on GL Distribution & Empire. You’ve read my previous coverage on Namek and I stand by that in no uncertain terms…this cat is a dangerous lyricist with a storied background and NOW he’s on a DJ Battlecat produced joint with Cat bringing vocal flavor as well…but wait, NHale pka Baby Nate Dogg, the progeny of the absolutely legendary Nate Dogg is also on the joint. NHale just dropped a joint with Snoop so the validation is real.

I’m not supposed to bring my fandom into the conversation but when I tell you Final Level Music is a special label, fronted by Ice-T and ramrodded by Henry “Hen Gee” Garcia, please believe it and stay tuned.

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