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Published on June 15th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Hot Artist Alert: RjBetz is a New Spitter to Look Out For in 2022

Sometimes, when you’re perusing the internet, you catch an accidental discovery that piques your interest and in my case, you just feel like giving someone a shot. I don’t do it often but when the grind is visible and the effort to deliver solid work is undeniable, you just have to salute it as I have done with so many other indie artists. RjBetz is one of those I think we should be paying attention to. He’s self-determined, motivated, consistent, and serves up some solid work. So I just happened to be on one and here’s a look at RjBetz from his perspective:

What does it take for someone to have the kind of success you have?

You have to have hustle, drive, and heart. never give up even when you feel you may not make it. You can’t beat someone that never gives up.

I’ve faced many trials and tribulations in my life, but I’m grateful that I stuck through it all and can now see the seeds I planted bringing my dreams to fruition.

At what point do you feel like you really crossed over from trying to doing?

3 months in when my bank called me and said I had over 40k in transfers that month I realized I’m doing something special.

It’s not all about money but this was a big factor and indication to me that I was on the right path and ready to pursue my first passion of music full force!

Did you ever fake it till you made it?

No, I kept it real from the jump and I worked my way up. I believe that the energy you put into everything must have pure intentions. I don’t like taking shortcuts in anything I do.

I want to make sure that I am fully in control of my success, so I always make sure to be fully committed and honest in everything I am doing.

Are there things you did in your business where things just got much easier after you made a change?

I hired an assistant which has allowed me to really focus on my music and to continue to be creative.

Also, I stopped replying to negative comments, far too often we entertain the messages from others and think to ourselves that we have to justify or prove ourselves.

Since I’ve focused on only giving love and appreciation to those giving it to me…my life has changed for the better. The less negative energy I accept, the more positive energy I hold.

Is success for you more about money or time? Having a lot which one makes you feel more successful?

Time. I never wanted to wake up at 6 am to go to work. I also love to chill and do things I love rather than things I have to do.

I do delegate my time a lot better now than I did before. Having more money too has allowed me to really focus on the things that bring me peace and allow me to keep creating music for the fans to love!

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