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Published on July 18th, 2022 | by Saqib Malik


Entrepreneur Anastasia Romanova Sets New Standards for U.S. the Marijuana Industry With CannaCare

While cannabis was once widely culturally frowned upon, modern legalization efforts and the plants popularity have taken cannabis usage to all new heights, with recent statistics estimating  more than a quarter of a billion people regularly use cannabis products worldwide. This cannabis-forward trend seems on track to continue its positive momentum, with the U.S. marijuana market anticipated to reach $38.2 billion by 2028 at a 16.6 percent compound annual growth rate. With the sector primed ripe for profit, hundreds of cannabis companies have popped up in turn, looking to make the most of consumers’ growing demands. Still, with such a saturated marketplace, only a few select cannabis brands stand out from the pack – one of them being the all-organic, female-led company Cannacare. 

 Co-founded in 2019 by immigrant Anastasia Romanova and a friend with a shared background, Dojcilo Scekic, Romanova has been able to build Cannacare into one of the United States’ most exciting cannabis brands of the moment thanks to the companys utilization of sustainable cultivation practices. Rather than cutting corners for profits sake like many rival companies, Romanova and the Cannacare team have infused state of the art technology throughout Cannacares indoor cultivation fields in Oklahoma and California to produce the highest quality product through completely sustainable processes. 

 Sustainability is present from the literal roots of Cannacares operations, only using organic soils bolstered by in-house compost to stimulate the cannabis plants’ growth, which is similarly nurtured without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The Cannacare team has similarly come up with its own highly-efficient irrigation system to water its plants, keeping them nourished and growing while cutting down on excess water waste. This same approach is reflected in Cannacares proprietary lighting system, known as Cannacare LEDs, whose energy-saving properties still allow Cannacares cannabis to develop toward its full potential without contributing to the overuse of energy. 

 Of course, participation in the legalized cannabis industry has come with critiques, as the undue financial success of the legal market stands in stark contrast to the number of marijuana-related arrests – which account for more than half of all drug-related arrests in the country – and imprisonments across the United States throughout recent history, which has unduly affected minority populations. With a unique perspective as an immigrant and female owner of a marijuana brand, Romanova has used her position at the helm of Cannacare to pledge 20 percent of the companys revenue toward charity, including aiding prisoners who were arrested for cannabis use. 

 Now, Cannacare looks to truly revolutionize marijuana production by finding ways to use each and every part of the cannabis plant, including a current focus toward creating a hemp-based clothing line and accessories collection. By pushing beyond the conventional boundaries of the cannabis industry and continually working toward the good of the planet, Romanovas Cannacare is setting new and revolutionary standards of sustainability and conscientiousness in the marijuana marketplace, ushering in a new era of eco-friendly cannabis in line with the modern consumers ideals in the process. 


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