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Published on July 2nd, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Song Review: “Not Feelin’ It.” by Sole Oceanna

Sole Oceanna has released the single “Not Feelin’ It.” out on all streaming platforms, by Circle 11 Entertainment. It is perfect for listeners who are looking for a song that walks the fine line between punk and pop, as well as those who are looking for a relatable song.

“Not Feelin’ It.” starts with bass guitar before listeners will hear Sole Oceanna let out a small laugh. This indicates the song will be good-natured, fun, and upbeat. Indeed, “Not Feelin’ It.” ends up being all three of these. Sure, Sole Oceanna is either going through a breakup or having to tell someone that she doesn’t like them, but she sings it in a confident way that tells listeners she is proud to be independent. The first lyrics in the song are “I’m not really in the mood/I’m not even into you,” which illustrate the overall theme of the song. “Not Feelin’ It.” is a song certainly worthy of repeat listens.

However, it is the chorus that truly soars and allows “Not Feelin’ It.” to be the great song that it is. The chorus is lyrically packed yet also memorable. Lines include but are not limited to “I’m not trying to ask for trouble/But you’re too God damn innocent,” meaning Sole Oceanna wants to be in a situation where there is some edginess without the burden of trouble. The verse “I’m sorry that I can’t fake it,” indicates Sole Oceanna also feels a bit of sorrow but knows it is for the best she moves on from a relationship where she is obviously not happy. Finally, the lines that give the song its title: “I’m not trying to burst your bubble/But your vibe/I’m just not feelin’ it.” These lines indicate Sole Oceanna is not intending to break someone’s heart but also knows she has to move on for her own sake, and it’s okay to say no.

Sole Oceanna shows off her true vocal range in this chorus, and the song’s overall production blends her vocals in well with the instrumentation. This instrumentation includes the aforementioned bass guitar as well as keys, drums, and electric guitar. All of them combine to complement her vocals perfectly, and it could not be imaginable to have this song be as good as it is without any one layer.

Not Feelin’ It.

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