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Published on October 8th, 2022 | by richvongod


Veronique Canada Based Gospel Artist Returns With ‘I Know’

Veronique who is music herself, gives to Jehovah, The True God, all the glory, honor and praises for His many blessings. As you keep listening to the songs, meditatively singing along, the very unique, reverential, sublime and deeply inspirational sound of her melodies and lyrics will refresh and uplift you in every way.  Bringing to you the accurate knowledge, the hope, the peace, the love, and the life of God, which He manifested to all mankind through His Son Jesus Christ. Gifts that she counts herself privileged and grateful to experience and spread daily. Known professionally as Veronique (also know as K. K. Love), is a Canadian based recording artist, songwriter, composer, and music minister. Veronique’s artistic journey started in junior high where she hasn’t only danced, but sang in both the choir and in talent shows. She continues to minister in bigger choirs and in front of many live audiences before releasing her first single « N.S.H. M » in 2017.

The song “I Know” was Inspired by the words of the apostle Paul in the bible. More precisely, in Romans 8: v38-v39, as I had to sing loud and clear the unshakeable conviction, which was no longer just his, but mine as well henceforth in my commitment to love my creator, the Almighty God, creator of the Heavens and of the earth, maker of all things, with all my heart, with all my strength, with all my mind.To make all efforts within my power to remain faithful and loyal to Him whatever my circumstances, whatever the seasons and the oppositions will be. That is a commitment that I had taken so easily because I had become aware of the marvelous reality not only of His existence, but also of the fact that He so loves humans created in His image and likeness. He loves them with a love that no one else can ever show them. Convinced to the highest degree of such love for having experienced it myself  coming from Him, I had to tell everyone about it out loud, because I had not always been aware of it and because it was a life altering revelation to me. And what better way to do it than in song?

He had sacrificed the life of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ in exchange for my life (your life), so that I (you) might be saved and live a purposeful life, a fully fulfilled, joyful and peaceful one. And He added only one condition “believe in Jesus Christ My beloved son”. Which I gladly did as a completely natural attitude of gratitude to have in the face of what the latter had to do for us. What other proof of love could we expect than this? Here we are faced with the irrevocable, indisputable proof of a true, sure and eternal love. A love that nothing in the world could compromise, not even death. Yes, I had to sing from the rooftops that true and eternal love exists, that our creator God alone showed it to us not only at creation but in Jesus Christ to give us access to a new life. Through “I Know” I came to proclaim in a powerful but equally comforting voice that “Yes we can” and “Yes we should” do everything in our power to return faithful, loyal, eternal love to Him.

Other related verses:
Luke 10:v27, John 3:v16, Romans 8:v38-39, John 10:v10, 1 Corinthians 13:v4-v8, Psalms 68:v5, Psalms 148:v1-v5, Psalms 149:v1-v4

DIGITAL STORES LINK: https://fanlink.to/I-Know-Veronique

OFFICIAL VIDEO LINK: https://youtu.be/r3DzP-HkZBk

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