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Published on November 5th, 2022 | by Charles Myambo


The Nigerian Heavy Hitter, Omah Lay Discusses His Prominent Rise In The Music Industry | Afro Beats

Omah Lay is a globally renowned Afro Beats artist. The talented musician has received several prestigious accolades including the coveted “Headies Award” in 2021. Omah Lay has produced hit after hit since his debut EP back in 2020. At present, Omah Lay is undoubtedly one of the biggest African musicians alive. His solo hit track “Understand” has garnered nearly 70 million views on YouTube, just a year after its release. At only 25 years of age, it is safe to assume that the best is yet to come from the musical phenom! The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Omah Lay (OL). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


Afro Beats Powerhouse – “Omah Lay”


CM: Walk us through the creative process behind your latest masterpiece, “Boy Alone”. 

OL: Boy Alone took me well over a year to create. I wanted my first album to reflect myself as a person, both the good and the struggles and as time went on, the project kept evolving. But I finally satisfied my expressions and I’m glad the world can hear it now.


CM: You are extremely expressive in all your tracks. What role do previous life experiences have in your choice of songs and the delivery thereof? 

OL: My music is always inspired by my life experiences. I don’t know how to make music any other way. My experiences shape the lyrics and sounds I put into the song. I need people to feel where I’m coming from and I won’t stop until I’ve achieved that.


CM: Speaking of “life experiences”. What has your journey to the top entailed and could you highlight any notable obstacles faced along the way? 

OL: The top? Lol I don’t think I’m there yet. There’s still a whole lot I’d like to accomplish. But as far as obstacles go, I’d say the biggest has been myself. Sometimes it’s doubt, sometimes I’m trying to do too much, but generally it’s all a journey to finding myself. Everything else is standard. I’m my own biggest challenge.


CM: You’re undoubtedly one of the biggest artists in Nigeria and perhaps even globally. What are some of the biggest adjustments you have had to make with the increase in fame and money?

OL: Well, I just moved to a bigger house lol! Does that count? Any adjustments I may have made is all down to growth and finding myself. I already talk whatever I want on the records, but with fame and money comes new goals and responsibilities. I just keep going and keep growing.


CM: Some people may forget that you are only 25 years of age and your peak is probably still yet to come! How do you remain grounded and level headed while knowing that you are by definition a bonafide superstar? 

OL: I’m surrounded by examples of what an artiste can be if he stays level headed and consistent. I also see examples of how bad it can get when you don’t sort yourself out so I’m learning. But I remain hungry anyway. I already told you I don’t think I’m there yet. So I’ll keep working hard towards the next goal.


CM: What I’ve discovered during most of my interviews with prominent figures such as yourself is that most of you manifest the success long before it becomes a reality. How important has manifestation been in your life? 

OL: I think that’s down to self belief. Knowing yourself first before others discover you. You have to be your own biggest fan first otherwise nobody believes you out there. That’s why I always make music that reflects the person I am, cuz I honestly believe there’s nobody doing it like I do it.


CM: Music aside, what are some of your other talents or passions that may have gone under the radar?

OL: Hmm… it’s strange that I find this hard to answer… I used to like playing football on the street with my guys, but these days it’s video games. FIFA mostly, but I spend most of my time creating music. It’s easily what I’m most passionate about.


Omah Lay – “I’m a mess” (Trending)


Omah Lay – “Understand” (62M Views)


The Headies Next Up 2021 Award Winner – “Omah Lay”


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