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Published on December 14th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Is it Important That Artists Appear on Major Video Game Soundtracks?

A growing number of famous music artists (both young and old) have started creating soundtracks for major video games, and the trend appears to be catching on. You can now find several famous voices and specially crafted tunes in some of today’s biggest video game titles.

There are many reasons why so many musical artists have made the crossover to video games, which we will be taking a quick look at here. We will also be trying to answer the question, is it important that artists appear on major video game soundtracks?

Which music artists have appeared in video games? 

Music artists have appeared in video games in recent years via several mediums. For example, they have either created an entirely new soundtrack for specific use in a video game, or they have held concerts in one or more of the metaverses. In some cases, they have done both! Let’s start by taking a quick look at some of the artists that have produced soundtracks for the more high-end, graphically demanding video games in recent years. The most notable music artists and examples of the soundtracks they have made include:

  • P!nk and Eminem. In 2010, these two stars collaborated to make the ‘Won’t Back Down’ soundtrack in the iconic Call of Duty: Black Ops game
  • Paul McCartney [Experience]. In 2014, he came up with a tune called Hope for the Future, which you can find in the Destiny video game
  • Katy Perry. In 2018, she made a song called Immortal Flame, and it was used as the soundtrack in the Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius game
  • Ariana Grande. She also made a song for the same game, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, called Touch It

Other honorable mentions

There are lots more examples, and we are also likely to see even more big stars developing soundtracks for video games over the coming years. Some of the other bands/artists that have also specifically made video game soundtracks that you may already be familiar with by now are an American pop rock band called Imagine Dragons, who made a song called Warriors for the hit title League of Legends, and the American DJ and music producer Skrillex, who made the Face My Fears track for the Kingdom Hearts game. 

Florence + The Machine crafted a trio of songs for the Final Fantasy XV game, namely Too Much is Never Enough, I Will Be, and Stand By Me, and Scottish pop band Chvrches came up with the Death Stranding soundtrack for the namesake game. While the online casino industry has evolved and innovated in recent years by adding cutting-edge live dealer games with actual dealers and immersive virtual bonus rounds, they have yet to incorporate any music artists’ songs into any of their games. 

Which artists have held concerts in the Metaverse?

Another growing trend in more recent times has been certain artists from the music industry appearing in one of the metaverses to host a concert. Examples include Travis Scott appearing in the Metaverse playing a Fortnite concert, and Ariana Grande, who also performed a virtual concert in the same hugely successful game. David Guetta has appeared on stage in a game called Roblox, and Justin Bieber appeared in his first-ever Metaverse show on Wave. 

You have also had the Foo Fighters VR Meta performance, as well as Marshmello (in Fortnite), Soccer Mommy (in Roblox), Young Thug (in Horizon Venues), Daler Mehndi (in Somnium Space VR), and Post Malone (in Horizon World), to name just a few. 

Why have artists in video games and the Metaverse?

It has been said on numerous occasions that having famous voices from today’s biggest musical talents can bring about a strong sense of nostalgia and add an extra layer of comfort for the players to feel more settled. It helps the players have a much stronger connection with the game, especially when they hear some of their favorite artists’ music playing along in the background as they play certain games. 

Music, sound effects, and accompanying background audio have always been a major part of video games, and it looks as though music artists that create soundtracks for these games will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. They will remain a major part of the entertainment that comes with playing video games. Players also seem to love it, and the feedback from them with regard to being able to listen to certain artists has also been positive. 


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