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Published on January 11th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Mo Kumarsi’s Rise From Janitor to Excelling in the Crypto Space

To excel in any career, you need to be persistent and consistent to eventually achieve your goals. Giving up on your dreams should never be an option; remain focused, keep soaring, and you will ultimately find yourself where you have always wanted to be. Mo Kumarsi is an excellent example of an ambitious person who has climbed the success ladder to be where he is today.

Mo is co-founder and CEO of REV3AL and has been an advisor to several disruptive technological innovators in the blockchain and crypto space. Mo didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth; he had to work his way up to the top. He began his journey embracing those small beginnings as a foundation for the future. Mo started as a dishwasher and worked his way up to washing and selling cars. To achieve his future aspirations, Mo began many businesses ranging from starting a janitorial company to advertising and business marketing.

We often give up even before we have not exhausted all of our options. However, for Mo, giving up was not an option; no matter how hard the job was, he always got it done. His slogan is either he wins, or he dies trying. To ensure that he moved towards success, Mo put several measures in place. He focused on cultivating the best teams and brought in people who were better, faster and smarter than himself.

Mo has also ventured into the crypto industry and made a name for himself in this space. He has been in crypto since the early stages and works with startups, helping companies scale and find strategic partners. Remarkably, Mo has created a great network with companies in the crypto industry and has evolved to become an advisor to many of them. His vast knowledge of the crypto industry has made him an authority in this space.

“I made a lot of great connections in the crypto industry through advising many different companies, and I realized I am an authority in this field because I know everything from the front end to the back end, from the exchanges to market makers to growth hackers to marketing, building a team, to different ecosystems to meeting owners,” affirmed Mo.

Mo believes that excellence and giving your best should always be a priority. His janitorial business was an award-winning company for exceptional cleaning services. It’s this spirit of excellence that Mo has also carried through to the web3 space, and through his industry knowledge and insights, he has advised various companies, two being CoinPayments and Power Ledger.

The most significant hurdle Mo has faced was adapting to everybody’s needs. People differ in their individual characters and beliefs, and working with different clientele is sometimes challenging. Mo has been no exception to this challenge, as he has dealt with different companies, people, psychologies, and mindsets. But due to his spirituality and a never-give-up mentality, he’s overcome these challenges and believes that all things are possible and that you can make them happen.

Mo is a passionate mentor who aspires to keep soaring higher, and his determination is unstoppable. He is focused on growing his coaching and public speaking to help many people change their lives and finances across the globe.

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