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Who Is?/Official Hype Master Yeti SXSW Debut

Published on May 21st, 2023 | by Crystal Willis


Master Yeti SXSW Debut Lit Up the Stage Alongside DJ Paul, KayyKilo, DrummaBoyFresh and More

Born and raised in Southside Chicago, Master Yeti is a genre-bending Recording Artist, Music Producer, and Founder of the creative production house, Yeti Studios. The Master Yeti SXSW debut, performing live for the official SXSW Beer N Tacos show during DJ Holiday’s Holipalooza was one of the highlights of the event sponsored by Source Mag, TRSH Mag’s exclusive stage, and Shade45 Live and Core DJ’s showcase, sharing lineups with new and legendary acts such as DJ Paul, KayyKilo, DJ Drama, DrummaBoyFresh, Erica Banks, QC The Label, Hitman Audio, Big Blanco, Sir Will and many more.

Master Yeti has amassed over 5 Million catalog streams as an independent artist, crossing over 150K monthly listeners on Spotify, and his latest single, “Livin’ Life” has well over 700K streams, over 260K music video views on Youtube. The song was also Top 10 on Apple Music’s Hip Hop Ride Playlist.

Check out this fire recap “Master Yeti SXSW 2023 Reload” video by Roddy Productions from his adventures in Austin, TX:

Connect with Master Yeti on Instagram @Master.Yeti and TikTok @officialmasteryeti, or check out merchandise and music on his new official website at


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