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Published on May 5th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Tunedly: Where One Door May Close for Artists, Another One Opens

Landing a record deal or getting signed onto a label has always seemed like an insurmountable challenge for many aspiring musicians. Within the current structure of the music industry, countless artists vie for the attention of A&R representatives and record labels. This fierce competition, along with the rapid evolution of the digital music landscape makes it increasingly difficult for emerging artists to stand out among the crowd to secure the backing of major industry players.

The traditional music industry model tends to favor established artists with a significant following, leaving independent artists on the sidelines. Labels and publishers are much more likely to invest in artists who have already proven their ability to generate a fan base and revenue, making it difficult for emerging talents to break through. So, musicians who need the support of the industry to grow their careers face a no-win situation. Furthermore, they find it challenging to attract that support without an existing track record of success. 

How Tunedly Offers a Game Changer

In lieu of this grueling struggle, platforms like Tunedly offer solutions for musicians who deal with this exact issue. They provide an innovative online platform that connects talented artists with a network of skilled session musicians, singers, and audio engineers to create high-quality, professionally produced music. This has made it easier than ever for artists to produce high-quality music by working with skilled professionals from around the world, regardless of geographical location.

In addition to its offerings in music production, Tunedly takes an active role in helping musicians land publishing deals by leveraging its partnerships with major music publishers and industry insiders. As artists create and upload their music to Tunedly’s music discovery platform, their songs are exposed to a vast audience of music professionals, connecting smaller artists with the exact people who could help them to advance their careers, thus streamlining the process of getting signed. 

Alternatives to Retaining an Agent and Renting a Studio

Retaining an agent and renting a studio are some of the most significant expenses for artists, especially those who are less established, and may not have the capital for these essential assets. However, the advent of technology and the internet has created a plethora of alternatives for musicians to create, distribute, and promote their music. It is easier than ever for artists today to collaborate with skilled professionals, produce high-quality tracks, and gain exposure.

Online music distribution services have also simplified the process of releasing music to a global audience, allowing artists to reach fans directly through platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. Using these services in conjunction with social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, allows artists to connect with their fan base and promote their music organically.

Independent musicians can now effectively navigate the music industry on their own terms, reducing their reliance on the costs related to agents or studio space rental. The new, digital landscape empowers artists to take control of their careers and build their brands, without forgoing the valuable resources and opportunities that were once exclusive to those with traditional industry connections. 


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