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Empowerment and Unity Radiate at the 123rd National Black Business Conference

The vibrant energy of empowerment and unity converged at the 123rd National Black Business Conference this past weekend, leaving attendees inspired and motivated to shape their destinies and redefine economic narratives. Set against the backdrop of Atlanta’s rich cultural landscape, this transformative event hosted at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Atlanta not only celebrated the achievements of Black entrepreneurship but also ignited conversations around collaboration, resilience, and the boundless potential within the African diaspora.

The conference’s motto, “We Are Together,” echoed throughout the weekend, reminding everyone of the power that emerges when like-minded individuals unite. Spearheaded by visionary figures such as Dr. Ken Harris of the National Black Business League, Charles “Chuck” H. Debow III of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, and Johnny Ford of the World Conference of Mayors, the event showcased the potency of collective effort.

At its core, the National Black Business Conference symbolized the fusion of the past, present, and future. The newly formed National Alliance for Black Business, jointly founded by these three organizations, became a beacon of hope, embodying the spirit of unity that can drive real change. Collaborations extended further as the Black Towns and Settlements Alliance, led by Mayor Alberta Cooley-McCrory lent its support.

Prosper Africa, the title sponsor, added to the event’s impact, emphasizing a shift from aid to trade. With Joy Basu, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of African Affairs, sharing insights on remittances exceeding $95 billion to Africa, the emphasis shifted towards fostering commercial opportunities and partnerships. Additional sponsors included Comerica Bank, Amazon, Flutterwave, and others.

“Re-building Black WallStreet” emerged as another central theme, emphasizing the importance of economic self-sufficiency and collaboration. Panels led by luminaries such as Munson Steed of Steed Media Group and Mayor Alberta Cooley-McCrory delved into redefining Black economics and the pivotal role of land, real estate, and media. Dr. Tyrene Wright’s poignant reminder that Africa is the seed of our power resonated deeply, and Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon’s remarkable retail ecosystem, The Village Market, showcased the potential of collective entrepreneurship.

Throughout the event, conversations revolved around vital questions. Why is Black entrepreneurship imperative? How do we economically resist? How do we do business with Africa? The answers came to life through engaging panel discussions, breakout sessions, and inspiring keynotes.

Saturday’s itinerary featured a pan-African breakfast that set the tone for the day’s insightful panels and discussions. Topics ranged from doing business with Africa to mastering public relations, offering attendees a diverse range of knowledge and expertise. The climax of the day came with the VIP reception and the grand Black Tie Gala, headlined by Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump. His powerful message kindled the flame of action, urging attendees to be catalysts for change within their communities.

The 123rd National Black Business Conference wasn’t just an event; it was a rallying cry for unity, collaboration, and empowerment. It encapsulated the essence of African excellence and showcased the potential that emerges when individuals come together with a common purpose. As the conference came to a close, the resounding message echoed: We are together, rewriting narratives, and forging a path towards prosperity and progress.

To learn more about The National Alliance for Black Business, visit their website at https://nationalallianceforblackbusiness.com.


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