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Published on September 17th, 2023 | by Charles Myambo


How Lakewood’s “SG Tooly” Overcame Grief & Pain to Become an Up-and-Coming Superstar

In the depths of pain and grief, most people are confronted with a life altering choice! Do they “SINK” or “SWIM”? Unfortunately, in the most severe of cases it’s very likely that misery and self pity will overcome any sense of resilience and courage. As a result, some people simply give up or give into negative influences and thoughts. This may be in the form of alcoholism, drug abuse, crime and at times, even suicide! That said, there are some exceptions who somehow manage to beat the worst of odds and overcome their pain and grief. A stellar example of this is none other than New Jersey’s Tyrie White Jr who is best known by his stage name, “SG Tooly“. 


New Jersey Rapper – SG Tooly (Miyagi Mgmt)


For SG Tooly, his upbringing was anything but a fairytale! He grew up in a poverty stricken and unforgiving neighborhood in Lakewood, New Jersey. Adversity was a normal component of everyday life for SG Tooly. Just about everything was a struggle and very few people around him had a life worth admiring. This however did not deter SG Tooly in his quest to make something of himself. Deep inside he knew that there was more to his story than just suffering and abject poverty. Knowing this, he started to seriously pursue a career in music. Initially, his passion for music had started out as a means to simply escape the harsh realities of his difficult life. Music had always given him an opportunity to express himself freely and explore a world far beyond his surrounding circumstances.


Lakewood Artist – SG Tooly (Miyagi Mgmt)


As of today, SG Tooly is one of the most promising upcoming rappers from New Jersey. He possesses the delightful ability to effortlessly RAP on any beat while still being cognizant of the message he conveys. The rapper is extremely intentional when it comes to the music he makes. Most of his songs create a palpable sense of expectation and positivity. In such a stressful world, SG Tooly’s music helps in providing an escape of sorts for listeners. As the kids nowadays would say, he creates “feel good” music. This type of music is quite important because it offers a coping mechanism for people who may be battling depression or general life-related stress. All the above being emotions that SG Tooly faced on numerous occasions himself. 




There is no question as to how much fans truly enjoy SG Tooly’s style of music and the creativity behind all his songs. That said, a lot of fans have long been eager for the rapper to put together an album for them. This is something that SG Tooly has always envisaged but was simply waiting for the right time while further refining his craft. As of today, we are pleased to announce that SG Tooly is set to release his debut project titled “Black Hearted” later this year. Majority of the project has already been Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered. The project speaks of the ups and downs he has faced as both an artist and a black young man coming up in Lakewood, New Jersey. 


In many ways, the project can be considered SG Tooly’s formal introduction to the world as an artist. The rapper will also highlight the grief he faced when he lost his brother and grandmother within 5 months of each other. There is also mention of his bouts with depression and growing up in a poverty stricken neighborhood. 




Tyrie White Jr better known as SG Tooly is an exceptionally talented rapper and songwriter. The 24 year old star hails from Lakewood, New Jersey. He is adept at making catchy and vibrant “feel good” music. SG Tooly is also extremely versatile and possesses the unique ability to create songs that transcend conventional music genres. Managed by “Miyagi Mgmt”. 




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