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Published on November 8th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


J.LONG Talks New Single ‘J.A.I.M.E.’ and His Family Ministry

It’s all about the ministry for JFAM ENT. which was founded by two brothers, Keith Bell, and Jaime Long aka J.Long, back in 2008 in their parents’ garage under the name J.Fam Music. What began as a humble start-up has grown into a label with a big purpose – to spread the message of Jesus and his ministry to the world. Along with their wives, Lina and Cyntoia, they oversee JFAM Brands. The visuals for his new song ‘J.A.I.M.E.’ drew me in and of course, the commitment to his faith is a big thing too…this joint needs to be heard. I’m not picking sides or recruiting anyone…just sharing a positive movement!

What made you want to become a musician?

Honestly, I was born into it. I started playing drums at church at a very young age. Becoming a musician wasn’t something I planned. I wanted to play sports but God had other plans for my life!

What has been your proudest moment as an artist so far?

Every moment has been proud.  The good, the bad it all works together! I’m either learning or growing from all moments. I just appreciate the journey and when I see milestones and goals being met I’m thankful to God for doing what He said He would do!

How does your faith influence your songwriting?

My faith in Christ is an inside look into my life. All my music is influenced by my real life (a walking by Faith Journey)

Could you tell us about “J.A.I.M.E.”?

My mother named me “JAIME” and my identity is found in Jesus Christ! J.A.I.M.E. is an acronym from my birth given name that stands for JESUS ABSOLUTELY IS MY EVERYTHING

Are there any aspects of “J.A.I.M.E.” that you’re the proudest of how they came out?

I’m just thankful to be able to create music!

What was the experience like working on the music video for “J.A.I.M.E.”?

It was pretty cool! I had my wife Cyntoia Brown Long, my sister in law Lina Bell participate in the video and that’s what made it very cool seeing them out of their element but doing what needed to be done to help the team! J.A.I.M.E. is the first music video I shot since I returned from my almost 7 year hiatus. Having family on set and the message of the song just made things that much easier to fall right back in line where I left off!

Which venues are usually your favorite to perform at?

Huge ones so me and the band can be really loud and bring that funk to Christian Music!

What is next for J.LONG?

We shall see what God has in store!


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