Rhyme Report Icewear Vezzo drops new album, Live From The 6!

Published on February 9th, 2024 | by Just Jay


Icewear Vezzo drops new album, Live From The 6!

Icewear Vezzo embodies Detroit not only through his music but by being a community-centric hustler, always keeping Motor City at the heart of his endeavors. Today, he drops the long-awaited album, Live From The 6, and it’s a celebration of his dedication to his music and community. Tracks like, “Back On Road,” “Come Outside” and “Raw ASL,” showcase his signature style and relentless hustle, proving he’s more than just talk. In 2022, his label Iced Up Records partnered with Quality Control Music, aligning Vezzo with some of the industry’s best and setting the stage for another standout year. I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in sharing the release, arranging an interview or feature!

Live From The 6 tracklist:

  1. Intro – Skit
  2. Class of 2024
  3. Projects
  4. Perfect ft. DaBaby
  5. Rap Game
  6. Momma Mil
  7. Motion ft. Babyface Ray
  8. Ain’t Enough
  9. Come Outside ft. YTB Fatt
  10. I Ain’t Mad At Ya
  11. Chose Me ft. Chuckie CEO
  12. Different Day
  13. I’m The One


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