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Published on July 7th, 2015 | by Daja Marie


First Verse Apparel Interview

Tell us about First Verse Apparel?

FIRST VERSE is a metaphor that stems from the headphones on the logo which symbolizes the origin of music as the songs for any artist’s first verse it represents. It is what establishes a first impressions as well as who you are as an individual that branched out, for anyone’s goal and achievements that you’re striving towards… To which, it is our fashion statement it represents. The star on the logo is the goal that you’re leaning towards, being a lawyer, chef or fashion designer, you will always have your eye on the prize no matter what detours life may take you through. The quote “SPEAK YOUR VERSE” means to speak up first in fashion or any obstacle you’re establishing from. So what is First Verse? “First Impression, First Expression, First Vision, First Creation, First Thoughts… First words towards success.”

Who are the players?

C.E.O Curtis Harrison and Partner/ Vice president, Creative director Theo Griffin Jr
Why Fashion?

Fashion puts you in a certain mood or takes you out of a mood, it’s a statement whether positive or negative.
Where do you get your inspiration today?

Curtis: God gave me a gift to create what was once a idea to become reality. This is why all of our designs have a story.

Theo: I’ve been sketching since I was seven and the one thing I noticed is that there is inspiration in everything, like movies, buildings and old paintings. But the main thing is, in my dreams where my mind is constantly racing with visions, I can share with the consumer.
Who were some of your major influences in the beginning of your dream?

Curtis: Fubu and Mark Ecko

Theo: When I was young, I loved to re-design clothing into my very own vision but I did wear and like Zoo York, LRG, DGK, Rocawear, Sean john, Obey, etc.
What does fashion mean to you?

Curtis: I feel fashion is an everyday lifestyle. People choose what to wear when they express themselves, I love music so I decided to combine both together to express it on clothes.

Theo: Fashion is a form of expression without even speaking, so you can either blend in or stand out.
What are some of your accomplishments with your apparel?

Curtis: We have done numerous fashion shows, from New York to Philly, radio and an interview with Hype Magazine!

Theo: …As well as meet well established people like artists and creative people with a dream like us.
What is the best perk of being a fashion brand?

Allowing people to see and share my expression of my vision on apparel
What was the first thing you created?

Curtis: The name First Verse Apparel was created from the love of music.

Theo: I painted a likeness of me and my closest friend in the neighborhood where we grew up in NY.
What do you wish people would understand about branding yourself in the fashion industry?

Curtis: It does not happen over night, it takes hard work and dedication from the heart.

Theo: People want to believe they can do it alone or just don’t need anybody, but a strong team is very VIDAL to build a large foundation.
What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start an apparel line?

Fashion is one of the most flooded industries to break into, so you really have to be original, creative and your heart has to be in it.
What trends do you see being big next season?

More Expression and freedom of speech through fashion.
Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

God has to be the foundation of life and when you know what you love, it will not feel like work.


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