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Published on August 10th, 2015 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session: JayMall ‘#MadeInMississippi’

JayMall_tshirtx350Take 12 business people from different corporations, sit them in a room to come up with a unified message that everyone is happy with would be nigh on impossible. Pulling together 12 creative minds to participate on one song, brings visions of absolute horror, creatively AND logistically. Then getting them all in the same place for a two day video shoot…sounds like a major Warner Brothers Pictures production…but it’s not.“#MadeInMississippi” is the homegrown brainchild of Cleveland, MS entertainer JayMall who orchestrated this extraordinary musical production. An alum of Alcorn State, who majored in Business Administration, JayMall says “The easy part was getting people to send in their verses.” According to him, it took almost two months to get the sonic layout just right and make sure Mississippi was represented to the fullest. The track was produced by Zaytoven and first appeared with Young Dolp’s single “Preach.”

All of the artists on #MadeInMississippi, are from some part of the state although some now live in other regions of the country. JayMall says he opened the project up to anyone who wanted to participate and after over 100 submissions; he pulled together what he feels are the correct pieces of this collage to create a true showcase of talent from his region. Creating the final product for the song included utilizing his skills as a music producer and composer. Artists sent back their completed verses and it was the job of JayMall and his engineer, to put the voices and verses where they best fit…basically a complete composition, considering timber, intonation, syncopation, harmonics, melodies, etc.

What’s even more amazing than bringing all of this talent together for a recording AND a video, is that only a promo snippet video of the project has been released. There has been no release on soundcloud or audiomack…NOTHING! However, the anticipation for the release of the video and single on the same day has the internet and mainstream media abuzz.

JayMall and his project received a six-column full color feature story in the local newspaper, The Bolivar Commercial, written by staff writer Donel Maxie. Made in sipp song promo1( The article describes the concept and why it was so important to JayMall for this project to come to fruition. JayMall says in the interview, “I felt that if you have 12 people on one project and everybody is promoting the same project, people couldn’t ignore that.”

#MadeInMississipi gets feature spead in The Bolivar Commercial Newspaper

It appears that JayMall is right, in addition to newspapers and blogs, #MadeInMississippi also captured the attention of CBS Television affiliate WXVT in Greenville, MS. He caught the attention of WXVT News Anchor, Reporter and Producer, Kandace K . Redd who introduced the project and JayMall to a mass television audience. Redd came to the Greenville station from Boston CBS Afilliate WBZ-TV 4 and is used to seeing the big story develop.

Despite the logistical difficulties, JayMall and 11 Hip-Hop heads have begun to show the world that “community” still applies to the culture…12 artists, 12 regions … one song … get the picture? It’s bigger than the music; this is proof positive of the power of unity of purpose and team.

Aside from being the creative mind behind this project, JayMall tells us that he didn’t start out as an artist. He says he worked the boards as an engineer and music producer first. According to him getting into the music business as an artist was not his intention, it just happened.

I asked JayMall what would be the song he’d suggest from his body of work as an introduction to new listeners and he picked his February 2015 single, “For Luv of the Game” which he says gives his story from beginning to current day. His mixtape by the same title as this new song, is a celebration of big sound, great lyrics and delivery…a must have for your collection. The project enjoyed recognition as a SEA Awards “Mixtape of the Year” nominee, it’s a full service project…find the “Made in Mississippi” mixtape here.

Get to know this young lion because I’ve got a feeling he’s going to be a big deal on many levels.

The Hype Magazine will premier the video for #MadeInMississipi tomorrow August 10, 2015 4pm Central / 5 Eastern.


Check out our exclusive interview with the creator of #MadeInMississippi, JayMall.


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