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Black Jesus star Valenzia Algarin brings positivity and the funny to Hollywood

You may recognize Valenzia Algarin  from the wildly popular Adult Swim series Black Jesus on Cartoon Network, which airs Thursday nights at 11pm.

Her character Detective Dianne is a strong educated woman who many people can look up to and to top it off she also delivers the goods in the laughter department. Which I think is now becoming rare on our TV Screens.   To clarify I am not saying there are not women on TV who are not educated I am just pointing out that more often that not now a days we are seeing women who are physically fighting or breaking up/ making up with their significant others, which is usually a main plot on any reality tv show.  And with Viola Davis’s speech about lack of opportunities and roles for women of color I am pleased we can look to stars like Algarin to balance out some of the negativity in Hollywood.

I was thrilled to pick her brain about her success and her visions for her brand

You seem to be up next as  Hollywood’s new it girl, and an authentic positive role model. How do you balance it all? 

To be honest with you, I just always remind myself to breathe haha… I like to stop sometimes and take everything in. Life can sometimes pass you by so fast that you forget to enjoy the moments & the little things! It’s important to make time for yourself & for everything that matters to you! Especially your loved ones! Above all I remain grateful for my experiences in life whether they were bad ones or great ones because those experiences make you who you are! Plus they keep you on your toes! haha

You also play an educated woman of color on a huge network. The content maybe adult but detective is still high rank. Do you feel pressure to pick roles certain roles? 

Absolutely not.. Actually I sometimes feel like the roles pick me! As an actress I consider myself a story-teller. And I’m not afraid to go against the grain. Whether it’s an educated high ranked detective or a woman who is mentally challenged and or struggling through life, my purpose and passion is moving people through my work. I love playing roles most are afraid to touch, especially when they are so raw it speaks to the people directly.

You also recently attended Sue Wong’s fashion show for the opening of  LA Fashion week are there some fashion collaborations in the future ?

I’d love to collaborate with Sue Wong in the future! She is an incredible and passionate designer! And Fashion has always been a big part of my life. Before I moved to Hollywood I enjoyed styling people and designing my own cloths!


You are living so many Hollywood hopefuls dreams,  what are your visions and dreams for your future as a whole ? 

My vision is to build a Legacy, for me, my family, friends & for all those who can grow from it to form their own legacies! I see myself still Acting & becoming that leading lady everyone connects with… Playing Lena Horne is definitely one of my dream roles!
Directing, Producing, having a line of different products that include Fashion, Perfumes & Beverages.. Writing books, having my Foundation “It All Starts With A Dream” get to a point where it gives Scholarships around the world is everything I look forward to! There’s just so much I envision. As a whole I’m ready to be a part of that positive change how ever I can by giving people the tools to help them grow as I continue growing…
What advice would you give someone who has a dream of making it in hollywood? 

Stay true to yourself and Don’t seek validation because you are enough. Keep experiencing life and know that everything and anything is possible! Don’t ever get to a point where you ask yourself “What If”… Go towards your fears! Dream Big, Then Dream Bigger because you deserve it

 What is your most embarrassing moment during an audition that made you say #WhereTheyDoThatAt? 
One embarrassing audition I can remember was a Commercial audition where I had to dance salsa. When you audition commercially you get paired up with people you’ve never met before! Well I was paired up with someone who was 3 inches shorter than me and never danced salsa before! He was a hiphop dancer! We didn’t have anytime to practice, & even though I was a salsa dancer it didn’t help. The poor kid was so nervous, that when we were in the room he was whipping me around so hard and so fast that he whipped me right into the wall and I went down! It was soooo funny! All I could do is laugh and he ran out! Hahaha

Where can people keep up with you on social media and of course Black Jesus?

You can connect with me through Twitter:  Instagram, Facebook  & Periscope: @Valgarin
And also every Friday night on Black Jesus at 11pm on Adult Swim!

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