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‘Mystic Strings’ a perfect debut for the unique sound of DizTroy

Music may run in the blood, but in this case, it’s rooted soul deep. DizTroy (@diztroymusic) is a production group made up of Troy Baker and Dale “Dizzle” Virgo whose sound is born and bred in Jamaica and infused with British and American musical influences. UK-based producer Troy and Jamaican sound specialist Dizzle create songs that are rooted in Jamaican sound system culture and accented by various subgenres including hip-hop, EDM, and Brit pop, placing them at the forefront of the emerging electronic music scene. They bring ample amounts of attitude alongside an energetic mash-up of music that is as creatively exciting as it is it technically sophisticated. The self-taught duo’s music plays like an addictive flow that delves into EDM-inflected beats, reggae and dancehall infused hooks and a genre-eluding take on electro soul. They claim to draw inspiration from New York’s early hip-hop scene blended with Jamaican dancehall and the British R&B/Pop wave.

DizTroy’s most recent project is a collaboration with emerging ‘soul rebel’ and gifted Jamaica lyricist Ricki Simmond’s on her 11-track LP Salience, an exceptional ‘new soul’ debut that takes the kinds of creative risks that few pop or experimental artists are willing to take. They’re also collaborating with popular hip-hop and dancehall artists, including Assassin, Versatile, and Wayne J, to bring DizTroy’s artful touch to the broader sound waves.

DizTroy’s debut single “Mystic Strings” video was shot in and around Port Antonio by Kevin Lee and Savannah Baker, capturing the unique vitality and character of one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets, and featuring dually talented singer and dancer Mystic Davis.

Vice TV, regular visitors to Jamaica, recently filmed an episode where the Noisey crew met up with Island Records founder Chris Blackwell at his Strawberry Hill resort. They also got a visit from a gang of exciting new artists from Jon Baker’s Gee Jam Studios, including DizTroy and Mystic Davis dropping a live acoustic set of beats and lyrics.


Tell us about your current project!

Our current project is an introduction to what DizTroy has to bring. We have just released a six track with Mystic Davis which entails a body of work by DizTroy and Mystic’s musical collaboration. We plan to branch off into collaborating with other artistes as well. In the pipeline, we have unfinished collaboration projects by David “Sekuru” Chipiro, Ruckus, Kim Nain, Assassin, Wayne J as well as various other UK artistes.

Do you feel your current project is the best introduction to you as an artist?

Yes. As it is one of the first projects, we started together three years ago and inspired us to continue to develop more projects in the same way. We are slowly introducing our sound to the marketplace.

What is the music landscape in your neck of the woods?

A lot of mountains, palm trees, and inspiration, riddled with raw talent walking the streets and a vibrant musical culture, which encourages it, and there are a lot of greens “weed.”

What’s on your horizon for 2017?

We will be dropping some more collaboration projects with other artistes that we like, and doing a lot of Live performances and DJs sets. Look out for us in your hometown. We have been doing collaboration projects with artistes in the UK, US, and Jamaica. We have been experimenting with Grime, Hip Hop and Dancehall Music.

Does DizTroy roll their weed with grabba (tobacco) or without?

Troy: A little bit of hot grabba

Dale: He like it ital (natural, without tobacco)

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