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Interview with “A Patch of Fog” Director Michael Lennox

Director Michael Lennox is known for The Back of Beyond, Boogaloo and Graham, and Nine Lives. The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Lennox in a recent interview. Lennox discussed his latest film, A Patch of Fog, starring Stephen Graham and Conlith Hill. A Patch of Fog is a cat-and-mouse thriller which had its World Premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this year.

The Hype Magazine: What is “A Patch of Fog” about?

Michael Lennox: APOF is about a compulsive shoplifter blackmailed by a lonely security guard for friendship.

The Hype Magazine: How did you get involved in this film and why did you want to be involved?

ML: I got involved through the producer Robert Jones. I’m a great admirer of all his work so when the opportunity came along, it was a no brainer. The story of fog is an inverse buddy movie and there was something interesting for me subverting this genre which I’m a big fan of.

The Hype Magazine: How is this production bringing something new to this story?

ML: It’s a film set in Belfast, Northern Ireland which gave this story an interesting sense of place. The tone is a balance between buddy movie comedy and thriller, which I think creates an interesting experience for the audience.

The Hype Magazine: What’s going to surprise people about this film?

ML: Our sympathies change constantly for each character and we don’t know who has the upper hand. It’s not a clear cut, good guy / bad guy Story.

The Hype Magazine: Call someone out by name: who must come see this film?

ML: All the genre movie fans who love the old classics such as Misery and Single White Female and anyone who had ever shoplifted before.

The Hype Magazine: Who in the film is most like their character? Who’s the least?

ML: I think if we’re honest, we’re all a bit of both.

The Hype Magazine: What are your expectations for “A Patch of Fog?” and would you change anything?

ML: It’s difficult in the independent film world to reach an audience, so my hopes are that the online platform can hit an international audience. Every time I do a project, I want to change things, but then I think that was me at that particular point in my life and my way of telling the story–flaws and all.

The Hype Magazine: What was your favorite part about the process?

ML: Working with actors is always my favorite part. The page comes to life and I get to watch extraordinary actors do their thing.

The Hype Magazine: What other projects are you involved with?

ML: I’m developing the next feature which should be ready to shoot this year. Recently, I’ve been directing television in the UK for ITV.

The Hype Magazine: Is there anything else you want everyone to know?

ML: Just go see the film and I’ll buy you all a coke when you come to Belfast. This will make sense if you watch the film.

XLrator Media will be releasing A Patch of Fog on VOD and iTunes on January 24th.

Check out the trailer.

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