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Austin Aries On His Book “Food Fight,” His Wrestling Career & Where To Eat In Minnesota

As a professional wrestler since late 2000, Austin Aries has already accomplished more than most wrestlers can dream of. He is a multiple-time world champion with years of weekly television appearances to his credit. Currently, Aries is the World Champion of Impact Wrestling, IPW’s Defiant Champion and also IPW:UK World Champion, helping Aries to earn the nickname “The Belt Collector.”

Beyond his in-ring career, Aries is also acclaimed for his outspoken approach towards do-it-yourself ethic. This is chronicled in Aries’ 2017 memoir, Food Fight, in which he chronicles both his journey as a wrestler and his path to becoming vegan-esque. I had the pleasure of speaking with Aries, who can be followed on Instagram via @AustinHealyAries, behalf of The Hype Magazine; more on Food Fight can be found on the Grey Books Publishing website.

Your book makes it clear about when you first stopped eating meat, but when did you first learn about GMOs?

Austin Aries: Like the majority of people, you start hearing about GMOs when information starts to be revealed to the public. A lot of people still don’t know what they are because of how much money is spent to suppress information. If there is no danger and nothing wrong is going on, then why is so much being spent to keep things private? But once you know, you know and do what you can about it and share.

Have you ever thought about opening up a restaurant of your own?

Austin Aries: Oh yeah, all the time. At some points in my life I’ve thought about it more seriously than others. But if and when I do, I want to make sure I can really focus on it and do it right. It is something I have thought about doing after my wrestling days if the right opportunity comes along.

On the wrestling end, now that you are a free agent again, are there any goals that you are working towards? Anything you are still hoping to accomplish?

Austin Aries: I’m trying to enjoy the journey that I’m on and continue to nurture this really cool energy and environment that wrestling has outside the corporate culture. I want to play with people who want to play together, and help companies do things differently, which will hopefully make it easier in the long run for other wrestlers to make in the business.

When not busy with wrestling, how do you like to spend your free time?

Austin Aries: Right now wrestling takes up a lot of time, but I enjoy hanging out with good people, meeting new people and bring awareness to the plant-based lifestyle. I also like to kick-back, listen to music, and spend time with friends and family. I’m a big sports fan so I like to catch a game when I can.

Any favorite restaurants of yours that you can recommend?

Austin Aries: Babani’s Kurdish restaurant in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They serve great Kurdish food, and the owners are by far the nicest people you will ever meet. I worked with the family at their restaurant waiting tables during lunch and it was a great experience. We would have lunch as a family after the shift and they are all around good people and serve amazing Kurdish food.

Beyond food and wrestling, is there anything else that you read up on a lot and take very seriously?

Austin Aries: Who says I take wrestling seriously? (laughs). Wrestling is cool, and I enjoy what I do, but I don’t take it as seriously as my health, diet and lifestyle. I try not take too much too seriously. As much as I enjoy wrestling it, isn’t everything.

Finally, Austin, any last words for the kids?

Austin Aries: In a world where everyone is telling you who you should be, and what you should do, think for yourself. A lot of people are misinformed about the realities of the food industry, and I want to encourage you to educate yourself. Many choices are made for us, especially as children and before we are old enough to make our own decisions. Revisit those decisions and find your own truth.

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