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Exclusive: Camp Zeroo Talks New Label, #RunItUpChallenge, Inspirations and More

With his new single/video “Run It Up,” ‘runnin up the charts’, and even having it’s own challenge, Camp Zeroo is creating quite the buzz for himself this summer and it doesn’t seem he’ll be slowing down anytime soon. We recently spoke with Camp for an exclusive Q+A. Check it out below and be sure to tune in on “Run It Up” now available on YouTube.

You recently launched your own label. Tell us about it.

Camp: “I love people and I’ve always had a niche of wanting to help people achieve their dream whether it’s in sports music or movie films I just want to be a part in making people smile and able to provide for their families so I launched my own label Zeroo entertainment of artist that I will be able to develop from ground up.”

What’s your ’70 Dream’s about?

Camp: “70 dreams is special to me because it gives me the opportunity to help 70 different business owners achieve their dreams in life and the potential to hopefully change your life forever 70 dreams is 70 different investments that I will purposely give my time energy and funds to happen to make it happen.”

Who are the artist currently signed to your label? And why did you sign these selected individuals?

Camp: “I’ve got BaiLee Paige .. Camp Zeroo .. Sam Harvey .. SwerveLordd .. Each individual has a unique personality that makes them special I fell in love with their music in their personality and their drive to want to be successful because I knew the world would fall in love with the same things I fell in love with.”

What are you currently working on yourself?

Camp: “My new single “Run It Up” 4 different major motion pictures…..My book “When a man Tries”….. Zeroo Entertainment and  My Itunes and Android game.”

What is the #RunItUpChallenge? And why did you decide to create it?

Camp: “The Run it up challenge basically helping one person and encourage them to help another we are giving away over $500,000 encouraging the fans to pay it forward to another person by sharing a video of what they did to pay it forward and including the “Run it Up” song in there pay it forward video and submitting it by doing this You have entered into the #RunItUpChallenge contest.” —- “I  just love people I like helping people, seeing people smile, I  just want to do something that will change the world. If I can encourage others to make a difference then I’ve really made a difference.

Tell us about your music experience. What’s your mind state from the beginning to now? 

Camp: “I  remember the first song I  did when I  was 10 years old with my friend Robert Williams. I went to a lot of talent shows and open mics. When I  was in high school I  got a google education and I  learned about the music industry and I  went on a 40 city tour. My dad is in the film industry as well and he allowed me to help me score movies and do some behind the scenes stuff.”

With your experience, what words of inspiration do you have? 

Camp: “Before you release an album or project do your research and make sure you have everything in place. You need publishing, management and use social media to reach your fan base. It’s not about being the best artist it’s about being the best businessman for yourself. We’ve all got certain friends we can trust and we learn about certain positions and roles and I  put my friends in the position to play that role.”

Tell us about your book.

Camp: “It’s almost like a ’50 shades of grey’ but from the man’s perspective. A lot of women like it and a lot of men like it because it tells from our point of view. I would say it’s for a mature audience only.”

What are some last words you’d like to leave? 

Camp: “All I  can say is enjoy the process everyone has their own journey and their own process midnight only last for a minute. Enjoy the growing pains. You can’t grow without the pains.”

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