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From the Dream Up to the Rise Up of the Benjamin Brothers Clothing Label

Year after year, hundreds of independent clothing brands are created. Most being unsuccessful, fall into the “here today gone tomorrow” montra as they are only around for an average of 1 -2 years. However there are a very few labels that have stuck it out, and successfully made a place for themselves in the ever-evolving world of fashion. Benjamin Brothers Clothing is one brand that refused to end up like so many others that have turned to dust. Created in 2009 by Phillip Wright, the Benjamin Brother clothing brand has been co-signed by some of the biggest names in urban entertainment including DJ Scream, TI, Rich Espy, cast members of the Love & Hip Hop reality show franchise, and many others.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Phillip to find out exactly who he is and what sets the Benjamin Brothers Clothing Label apart from other urban brands.

So, tell me about the Benjamin Brothers clothing label and what special sauce makes your brand stand apart from the others.

The Benjamin Brothers brand has always been about progressive movements. A lot of labels fail because the owners and designers lose interest in their products and abandon them. What makes us different is our ability to stand out. Every  time we as a label reach that plateau of boredom, we change it up. We will never stop. The inspiration behind our brand is the need to meet quality with culture. Our themes are often dreams entangled with obsession. We are always dreaming… and always inspired. We are always obsessed with how we get to express our version of fashion to the world.

Everyone has a story, but I’d love to find out more about you, the man behind the brand.  Have you always had a love for fashion?

From my earliest memories as a child, I have always had a love for fashion. I always wanted to be fly. Growing up I couldn’t afford all the name brand clothes, but I was really good at taking what others had already done and creating my own flyer version of it. Thinking back now, I am shocked that I never faced any legal trouble. That’s all I did, take other brands, alter them, promote them, and then sell them. For me it was all about the passion and the love. The lifeblood of our company is all about that same thing, paving our own lane, and being a trendsetter instead of a trend-follower.

How difficult was it to transform your love for fashion into creating your own clothing label?

Honestly, it wasn’t that easy. Before I actually sat down to start Benjamin Brothers all I knew was the streets and easy money. It finally came to a point when I no longer wanted to be in the street life. I wanted better for myself without giving up the luxury lifestyle I had come to know. I didn’t want to be an entertainer, athlete, or actor. When we first started, I virtually knew nothing…I mean we would get  laughed out of stores and told that we would not make it. Eventually we were able to carve out some believers and with that – the believers gave us unimaginable strength that allowed me to never stop.With the pressures of life bearing down on me, I decided to share my gifts with the world and began developing my team. And so it began. I created the Benjamin Brother brand to appeal to a more mature audience. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to figure out the look of the brand, but once I did it stuck. Our brand motto for the first few years was “Classic, Timeless Apparel,” because that is all we were trying to create. Over time we made a name for ourselves in the streetwear scene while still producing the classic standard look. And years later we are still here and still evolving.

I always see DJ Scream shouting out Benjamin Brothers clothing. What roles does he play in the brand?

DJ Scream’s role in our brand has always been a significant one.  After a mutual friend introduced him to me, he became a part of the brand. We began adding him to our branding campaigns which in turn opened up merchandising opportunities.  It was a no brainer and extremely organic.  For instance, in 2016 DJ Scream dropped the record “Lit” featuring 21 Savage, Juicy J and Young Dolph. The single was everywhere. It reached so many platforms and because of our partnership with DJ Scream it only made sense to pair up the merchandise with the music. This was definitely proved to be one of the most prosperous decisions that we could have ever made.

What was the best advice ever given to you and who gave it to you?

That’s a hard one, but to perfectly honest I gotta give all props to our Marketing Exec Russo for constantly having my back and helping me to see my visions through. However catching back up with TI during his tour and listening to his advice was a turning point for us – once we left that tour bus we drove back home 6 hours and  months later his advice is paying dividends and ushered the biggest sales we had in years. Just to be comfortably in the presence of someone on top of the clothing game and using those experiences to launch and maintain a brand was the most influence – it was truly a blessing.

What’s next for the Benjamin Brothers brand? What can we expect?

///B6 Stripes are next up … we are playing on the popular ///B6 logo and sharing further how we perceive our brand and delivering more dreams & obsessions with BMW M-series style. Our perception is robust so we are delivering all types of content to grab consumers attention.

Where can people purchase your Benjamin Brothers clothing?

Everything is available on

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