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Hansni Thadhani Of Strand Boards Surfboard Showers Are Making Waves

Courtesy of Strand Boards

Surfboard showers?!?!  Strand Boards is the Manhattan Beach based innovative product line unlike any other.  The gorgeous showers come with the plumbing installed inside the surfboard. Strand Boards also offers stunning surfboard chandeliers, coffee tables and benches, for locations where an 8 foot outdoor surfboard shower is not practical, but where the beach living lifestyle remains paramount.  All products are handmade, hand shaped, hand painted, and are customizable. 
Strand Boards founder Hansni Thadhani started the company because of her love for the ocean.  Hansni, a mother of three children under the age of five, wanted a stylish, functional way for her family to clean off after a day at the beach before coming into their home. Fortunately, there was a gap in the market and she was able to meet a need for luxury exterior showers with her innovative surfboard showers. 
Hansni recently spoke with us about motherhood and how she has been able to adapt in a male-dominated business.
You are currently located in South Bay California is this where you grew up?
I grew up in Orange County, CA. When I was 8, my family moved from Africa to the States.
When did your love of surfing begin?
I’ve always loved the ocean and its beauty. Somehow, we’ve always ended up living by the sea or large bodies of water. Ultimately ending up in California is when I first learned of surfing.
Where does your business background come from?
My father was in the textile business, this gave me my foundation and love for apparel which allowed me to use my creativity and business sense. I went to design school with plans of going on to business school, but the allure and fast-paced life of fashion kept me in the industry for 15 years. I worked for several major brands and loved every minute of it and eventually started my own brand with a partner. We enjoyed successes but also made some mistakes along the way and eventually closed our doors. Ultimately all that business background was pivotal in helping form Strand Boards.
When you first started Strand Boards, why was it so important to have your products made in the US?
It still is important to me, that these products are made in the US! I love our process, I love how we can make a product designed specifically for each client with their needs/wants in mind. You can’t do that as easily, if you produce overseas. I like to think of us as, “surfboard couture,” since we are all handmade products. Some other reasons, however, are in keeping jobs here with the small businesses that we work with, having full control of quality, and of course, helping to save the environment by keeping some surfboards out of landfills.
How have you been able to flourish in two male-dominated spaces, of surfing and plumbing?
Great question! It hasn’t been easy and still isn’t. However, once they meet my bubbly personality and know what I’m talking about it seems to win them over!

Courtesy of Stand Boards

What is the craziest custom Strand Board you made thus far?
I had a surfboard that I refurbished into a surfboard shower so it wouldn’t end up in a landfill. The board had some aesthetic damages we needed to cover up and I thought let me do some surfboard art on the board. I did all these wild and crazy colors thinking no one would ever buy it. Boy was I wrong, people loved it! Now they’re limited editions and no 2 art boards are alike, whether they’re used as a shower or decor.
You are a business owner how do you want to inspire the generation of young ladies looking to follow in your footsteps?
Looking back as a younger me when my apparel business failed, my ego was so bruised. I thought, “man, I never want to do that again because I never want to feel that feeling of failure.”  Failure is a stepping stool. Time passed and I couldn’t wait to get back up and try running my own business again. The next generation of young ladies needs to know that success comes from failures and the key is to keep going. Run with a little idea. I knew if I wanted a surfboard shower that others might want one too.  I took a chance and went with it!
How has becoming a mother changed your outlook on the legacy you want to leave behind?
Being a parent has made me have a much more positive outlook on life. Children are always aware of what you’re saying and feeling and I want to make sure my three children always see the glass half full and can say, “wow, Mom was on it, she held us up, even when the world was crumbling around us.” I want them to remember me as a woman of strength, kindness, and ambition.
You support organizations that focus on ocean-friendly causes like, “Heal the Bay.” What are some of the events that we should be aware of this year?
We are big fans of the work, “Heal the Bay” does, and we support their cause. Beach cleanups are so important. National beach clean-up day is an annual incentive.  It is always so great to see the crowds out there doing their part. We pick up trash any and every day of the year, regardless of no what beach we go to. If everyone just did a little, it would amount to a lot. The oceans plastic and trash pollution are overwhelming and critical. We also love 4Ocean.com and the work they are doing to help reduce pollution in the seas. Check them out!
Finally, you have expanded into décor and furniture. What would be something that you would like to additionally include in your product line if anything?
Strand Boards has come so far in such a short time. We cherish what we’ve done but want to keep expanding. Home decor, lighting, art are just some of the things we are working on for the future!

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