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Published on November 9th, 2018 | by Darren Paltrowitz


An exclusive Q&A with SodaStream’s Jecka Glasman

Simply put, SodaStream is an Israel-based manufacturing company known for making the popular carbonation product of the same name. In turn, SodaStream sells more than 100 varieties of concentrated syrups and flavors so everyday people can easily make carbonated drinks. Thousands of Walmart stores sell SodaStream products, while an estimated 20 percent of households in Sweden own SodaStream machines, further providing its long-term international importance.

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Jecka Glasman — General Manager at SodaStream USA Inc. — about the past, present and future of SodaStream. More on SodaStream can be found online at or by following the company on Twitter via @SodaStreamUSA.

When did you first find out about SodaStream?

Jecka Glasman: I have known about SodaStream for a long time. My parents actually owned a SodaStream machine in Israel for many years, when it was still branded as Soda Club. They still own one today, although a much newer model.

How much does SodaStream factor into your daily living? Is it part of your day in lieu of coffee or tea?

Jecka Glasman: My family and I drink sparkling water throughout the day. It goes perfectly next to the morning espresso, with lemon and ice over lunch and next to a nice glass of wine for dinner. My kids prefer it with a touch of flavor, while my husband and I go forgo the flavor and drink it plain. Having the ability to prepare your own sparkling beverage, at a touch of a button and as often as you like, encourages you to drink more water, which ultimately significantly improves your health.

Do you have a favorite of the SodaStream varieties available?

Jecka Glasman: I personally love the elegant Fizzi design, and prefer the electric version, the Fizzi OneTouch that we launched this year. It comes at a variety of colors and is super easy to use.

Do the SodaStream flavors different from country to country?

Jecka Glasman: Some flavors are universal classics, such as the Cola, Lime, etc., and some are more local favorites. Root beer in North America, Herb syrup — Almdudler style — to the German market, or Grenadine syrup to the France market.

Is there anything you wish more people knew about SodaStream?

Jecka Glasman: SodaStream is a perfect example of a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, because one SodaStream bottle can replace 3,700 bottles and cans, keeping all that waste out of the environment. Americans use 50 billion plastic bottles each year, which is more than 100 million each day. SodaStream allows consumers to have fresh sparkling water without contributing to the plastic waste. In addition, SodaStream lets its consumers to enjoy simple and delicious sparkling water, in a fun, cost effective and convenient way.

Finally, what is coming up for SodaStream in the coming months?

Jecka Glasman: SodaStream looks forward to educating its consumers on the single-use plastic bottle epidemic that our world is currently facing. Studies show that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. It is now estimated that there are more than five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. SodaStream can provide a solution for people all around the world.

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