The Milwaukee-based band Sleepersound has been described as a “cinematic musical experience.” If you are imagining the twin guitar attack of early Television, the multi-media tendencies of Mission of Burma, and/or the arch-instrumental prowess of Mogwai, then sonically-speaking you are not far off. You can expect a big, complex and rock-centric sound from Sleepersound, which is comprised of Dave D’Antonio, Kenny Buesing, Mike Campise and Dan Niedziejko.

The video for “Give To Time” — the first song on Sleepersound’s vinyl LP In Medias Res — centers on the quartet’s live performance and subtle metaphor to convey a story of coming to grips with loss. Sleepersound’s David D’Antonio explains: “It was that moment when I was overcoming something grave. I recognized I was not ready to move on, to let go, and so relapsed. I had to rebuild everything I had worked so hard to restore.” Continued D’Antonio: “It’s about the stormy battle between hope and collapse, triggering events, and specifically bereavement with ailing mental health.”

Mark Borchardt — the Wisconsin-based independent filmmaker and video creator behind the “Give To Time” video embedded above — explains his artistic and technical vision for the production: “It’s essential presence as a waking dream theory laid the groundwork for what you see. From the initial appearance of Inga running along the shore, to the vivid studio setting of the band’s performance, those ethereal milieus presented themselves as manifest destiny — and I cooperated.”

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