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Former Pro Boxer Enters Political Ring With New Book

Former pro-boxer James Ventry recently published his first book, “The Hypocrisy of America,” an unapologetic commentary on political corruption and American hypocrisy. Mr. Ventry did time in federal prison and in his book he dissects the American prison system and explains how the rapper T.I. is a snitch.

Ken – You were considered a journeyman professional boxer; Can you explain what that means exactly?

James – A journeyman professional boxer is someone who isn’t signed with a promoter and takes fights against up and coming boxers, often in their hometowns and on short notice.

Ken – What obstacles does a journeyman boxer have to attempt to overcome?

James – When fighting on 10 days, or a weeks notice the only thing you’re really thinking about is making weight. You’re not truly focusing on the fight itself because you may have to drop 10 or 15 pounds in a matter of days.

Ken – What was the most weight you ever dropped?

James – I dropped 15 pounds in 5 days once and another time I ran with a sauna suit on for 10
miles, dropped 11 pounds and went and fought right after.

Ken – That’s pretty interesting and it almost seems like you’re set up for failure so why take the

James – First you have to love the sport you chose. I love boxing and and the warrior mentality
that goes along with it. Promoters knew they were going to get a great fight from me but since I
took the fight on just days notice they also knew more than likely I would come up short.
Between the late notice and then fighting in the persons hometown you didn’t stand much of a
chance. There were a few fights I thought I won but didn’t get the decision because it was in the
other fighters backyard. Lastly, you’re fighting for money, which you need so you may say no at
first then they come back and offer another thousand dollars so you say “okay” sign the contract
and take the fight. At that point in the back of your mind you know it’s going to be tough to win
but you try and you also fight for respect.

Ken – Is boxing fixed then?

James – No, it’s not fixed. The promoters just give their fighter every advantage possible.

Ken – Where were some of your favorite venues you fought at?

James – I’m a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan so fighting at Heinz Field was awesome. I fought
Omar Chavez, who is the son of the legend Julio Cesar Chavez at the famed Maddison Square
Garden so that was great, but my best memories were fighting at The Tachi Palace in California
where my good friend, entertainment director, and promoter Christian Printup worked at the

Ken – Okay, I could talk to you about boxing all day; I love the sport, loved you as a fighter and
boxing is what started our friendship, but I want to ask you some questions about your book
“The Hypocrisy of America”. Great title and thank you for the honor of writing the foreword.

James – Well, there wasn’t anyone else I would have even thought of asking. You have a number
of talents, but in my opinion writing is where you shine the most. I also know politically we are
two like minded people so I was confident you would appreciate my content and add a little
something special to the book.

Ken – As far as you book I want to start with that title I love, The Hypocrisy of America, is it an
anti-America book?

James – No, not at all. I think America has some amazing ideals and I just want us to live up to
those ideals. I also want us to be more inclusive and let everyone share in the benefits of those ideals. African Americans have consistently been denied so many of those protections and
opportunities that many Americans enjoy.

Ken – You’ve been to prison so what are some of the things you learned from that experience?

James – Oh wow, probably way too much to list here, but one aspect I really want to shine light
on is the fact the government can sentence individuals for crimes they were either found not
guilty of by a jury of their peers or they did not plead guilty to. I don’t think many people are
aware that this goes on and I feel the judicial system is the ultimate hypocrisy of America.

Ken – African American make up disproportionate number of the individuals locked up, does your
book address that?

James – Absolutely, and I think I did a great job in showing how this isn’t an accident. Putting
African Americans in prison is just another form of segregation. I also feel and point out how the
continued policy of segregation has been the biggest hinderance to African American progress
in America. None of this is done by accident by our government.

Ken – Tell me about how the prison system is as you state “an immoral jobs program.”

James – Sure, well for every 100 people locked up 35 jobs are created. Lock up another 100 and
bam, another 35 jobs. It also takes many people out of the job force and makes it more difficult
for them to get good jobs upon their release, thus making it more likely they will get desperate
and commit another crime. It’s a cycle and again, it’s not done by accident. Our government
wants to create jobs at the expensive of people’s lives. There is so much more to it and I write a
more in depth explanation in the book.

Ken – We are both Italian and the subject of being a rat is something that’s still spoke about and
we grow up watching movies about the mob etc. where we sort of learn to hate rats. Many
African Americans feel much the same way. You wrote about someone being a snitch many or
our readers will be interested in reading about. Explain why you believe T.I. Is a rat?

James – Well, I don’t “believe” T.I. Is a snitch I know it for a fact. T.I. Was arrested for buying
three machine guns in a sting operation. Investigators also found three more firearms in the car
T.I. Drove to pick up the machine guns and silencers. As a convicted felon being caught with
any gun gives you an automatic five years, add the machine guns and silencers and T.I. Was
looking at some serious time. T.I. Walked away with a year and a day sentence. Anyone who
knows anything about federal sentencing knows it is 100% impossible to get a downward
departure unless you cooperate with the government. There’s no way around this. T.I. Probably
had to work with the federal government for years getting people locked up to save himself.

Ken – I really sensed your anger and passion throughout much of the book and when you wrote
about T.I. Why is that?

James – I really just hate hypocrisy. T.I. Raps about being stand up, and how snitching is not
permitted, and then you snitch! If our government is going to boost about how we are the freest
country in the world then we need to stop locking everyone up. There are so many things our
government does that are the complete opposite of the ideals we pretend to stand for and they
must be changed.

Ken – What are you most proud of in this book?

James – I really tried to inform people and I didn’t want to waste their time with information they
might think is useless. I think I did a great job at cutting right to the heart of the issues. I think
the reader will learn a great deal and I also tried to keep them entertained with humor and
personal stories. Lastly, I tried to offer solutions. We are at pivotal time in our country and I actually know a few conservative who have read my book and it helped show them the light.
Knowledge is key and that’s why I think this book is so important read for people.

Ken – I couldn’t agree more my friend. I truly enjoyed reading your book and am glad we have continued our friendship and business partnership. Where can people find your book?

James – Thank you Ken, it’s on Amazon, audiobooks and a few other places but if someone goes to I have links they can click on to buy the book and they can also see some of my boxing and acting photos.

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