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Brittney LaShe’ Holman Signs to STS Branding and Marketing

At just 26 years old, Brittney LaShe’ Holman is an author, entrepreneur, influencer, speaker and mentor. She founded the nonprofit organization, I Am Lavish Foundation which provides services to men, women, and children in low-income communities in South Carolina. Holman is also the Owner of Lavish Hair & Spa Studio, Lavish Looks, LLC, Visionary for Lavish Squad, and serves as President of I Am Lavish Foundation Inc. She is also the author of “The No Touch Zone.”

In an interview with Holman, she explains the I Am Lavish Foundation, her desire to start a nonprofit, and describes her book “The No Touch Zone.”

Jae Monique: Tell us about the I Am Lavish Foundation.

Brittney Holman: I Am Lavish Foundation, has a mission to serve men, women, and children who reside in low-income communities in the state of South Carolina. The organization provides support and services to families in need and an active mentorship for the community. I Am lavish foundation was founded in the year of 2016 based on my personal needs or development to base around what I or someone I knew was in need of.

JM: What made you want to start the nonprofit?

Holman: I saw the need for my community and I have a heart for people, especially in my community. I was motivated to help in my village to meet the need of people who want a better outcome in a tight situation, being that I come from a low- income family myself.

JM: That’s really unique that your foundation offers beauty and barber services for the homeless. Many people need that. How did you come up with that idea?

Holman: I came up with that idea by thinking about individuals who want to go to job interviews, and need self-esteem development, but can’t afford to so. We will not only have a physical location, but it will become a ministry. We will then hit the streets where the homeless live.

JM: You have a book titled “The No Touch Zone.” What’s that about?

Holman: The No Touch Zone is one which enlightens us about the existence of sexual abuse among the young and how both males and females are victims. It starts with Promise getting a talk from her mother about the need to protect her privates and the importance of telling someone older if she is ever a victim. Ezekiel tries to coerce her into letting him touch her. He even brags about his success stories and it is discovered that he is being sexually abused by his sister’s friend. Sarah, who is also his classmate, falls victim to his coercion and gets hurt. The school authorities are made aware of it with the help of Promise, and they handle the case accordingly.

JM: Where can people find your book?

Holman: On its personal Facebook, Instagram pages,, and for the low prices of $15.

JM: Are there any additional products for “The No Touch Zone?”

Holman: Yes, we currently offer rhinestone and vinyl’s shirts, audio book, coloring book, and whistles.

JM: Tell us about your other businesses?

Holman: Lavish Looks was established in 2017 as a platform to inspire, encourage, and empower individuals, through product offerings and services. Motivated by a desire to create branding with inspirational quotes and powerful, positive affirmations, Lavish Looks seeks for the individual to see it, wear it, embody it. This approach is to support not only mental health but to create lasting positive affirmations for the wearer or user to benefit from in their day to day interactions. Whether it’s a T-shirt that states “Millionaire”, creating the vision in the wearers’ mind that this what they are striving for, or a reminder to the Proverbs 31 woman of who she is and what she defines. Lavish Looks is there to provide the vision for the user/wearer to embody.

JM: You operate multiple businesses. Give us a walkthrough of your typical day.

Holman: My typical day is based on time management. I’ve made a schedule of which business I work on based on the day. I also have a full-time job, so with that said I work overnight, sleep 6-8 hours, make a brain dump and compare it to my weekly and daily brain dumps and smash them.



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