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Ian Guerin: “For the Holidays”

R&B rising artist Ian Guerin is celebrating the holidays with his newest release, “For The Holidays”, a follow-up to his very successful album, ”Irreplaceable”.  As a matter of fact, the new holiday song is a bonus track on that very album.

Ian is creating a buzz with his soulful spirit, heartfelt talent, charming swagger and extreme good looks. “For the Holidays” is a refreshing Christmas song experience quite different than the usual.

I share questions and answers regarding the new holiday cheer, and Ian’s take on Christmas and Santa Clause. On behalf on Ian he would like to wish his fans, followers and fellow human beings a happy, healthy and festive holiday season.

Why a Christmas song?  What was your inspiration? 

There are certain things I knew I was going to do since the very beginning; one of them was a Christmas song. I always had great respect & admiration for those who wrote or performed Christmas classics. I also figured it’s something that all versatile entertainers do. It was in the back of my mind for years before it happened. I first recorded ‘Winter Wonderland’ in 2011, then ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ & ‘Let It Snow’ in 2015; ‘Snow’ remains my favorite recorded vocal performance to date, so when it came to writing my own it just seemed to happen.

I woke up one October morning & said to myself “it’s happening.” It just felt right, so I called my producer up & we got to it. Lyrically I was dealing with a situation with a former lover & I figured I needed to have the song be different in its approach & send a message to her all at the same time; because to me, if it’s not something I feel, it doesn’t have as much juice.

Longing, loneliness & reminiscence were taken or overexposed, so I figured a happy proposal of being lovers just for the holidays was unheard of. After all it’s a time of the year that we all want to spend with someone & it doesn’t have to be carved in stone. We can just get together & enjoy ourselves & then go back to being friends in January or continue as a couple if we like it.

“I never gave you up, I didn’t & I won’t, so I hope we can call us “love” at least for the holidays.”

It’s as simple a concept as: hey you want to hook up during holiday season?

“…We’ll be our own Santa, exchange gifts & kisses, all the mistletoes will be marked “we were hear babe”…”

I never got around to asking her that and following through with it. However, I hope fans hear it & use it as a leap to ask their crush to be together For the Holidays. They can just play them the song & ask them if they want to. If they make it though they need to write me on Instagram & let me know how it went. Making it happen for them will make it all worth the while.

How much do you love Christmas?     

It’s only my favorite time of the year, though I’m lazy when it comes to decorating. I love the music, the vibe, the winter sun, the cold air, the dressing up for dinners & that unique chance to take a break & kick back with people you love, but that you don’t always get to see as often. It’s a time to be thankful & to unite & I love that. I’m all about positivity & it’s a time when most people align in positivity, I love it!

Do you have an all-time Christmas song favorite, (not including yours)?

‘Winter Wonderland’ is my all-time favorite. I love it. The message, the mood, the lyrics; it’s just a well-rounded song for me, it fills my heart. My favorite version is Dolly Parton’s & then Gaga’s & Tony Bennett’s duet version.

Were you naughty or nice this year, explain why Santa is or isn’t visiting you this year? 

I’m one who loves to say “always nutty” because it’s so much more fun than being nice. Nice boys get praise, but nutty boys get everything; however, it’s been a mix of both. I’ve gotten the chance to be as nutty as I’ve ever been in some regards hahaha, as well as kinder than ever in others. So I think Santa is coming to see me this year. I went after my goals, achieved more than I had ever achieved & got the chance to give out & do well, so yes, he is definitely coming. However, he ought to watch out for my letter, because I asked for some really unconventional things hahaha.

Mentioning 2019 in Review, what was your highlight?

Most definitely the release of my album “Irreplaceable.” This album has taken me places I didn’t even dream I would be at when we rang in the year. I rang in 2019 with a lot of dreams & goals, but with a lot of uncertainty on how & when they would come about. Curious how universal laws say that you should worry about “what,” but not about “how,” cause I did exactly that & worked hard on things as they came & I ended up having the ride of a lifetime. Learning, preparing, growing, enjoying & achieving more than I could’ve imagined, so in retrospect it’s the highlight.

It not only meant a great deal to put the result of my inspiration & life experiences out there for the world to see, but the avalanche that came with it has been the biggest moment of my life.

What is in store for you as far as projects for 2020 and beyond?

My main project for 2020 is definitely “The Irreplaceable Tour.” I Can wait to perform these songs live for the fans & tell them all the stories face to face. There’s also two more songs from this era I’d like to release so maybe there’ll be a Deluxe Edition of the album & a new single for sure!

I also have a new song with different vibe, & maybe the start of a new era for me, that I think I’ll release, but I don’t know yet; I’m letting it flow & riding the wave. I don’t want to put to much pressure into the timing of the plans, because I rather be open to all the wonders the universe has in store for me. I have great projects, but the universe could bring me even bigger things than I expect if I only let it flow & focus on working & enjoying each step one at a time so I rather let that “beyond” part shape itself over time.

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro


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