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Published on December 21st, 2019 | by Jae Monique


Mathew Knowles Talks “Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story”

Mathew Knowles, who is best known for being the manager of Destiny’s Child, recently released “Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story.” The book gives readers insight into the journey of the group that ultimately became Destiny’s Child.

In an interview with Mathew Knowles, he discusses the book, his experiences with managing Destiny’s Child, and balancing being a father and manager.

Jae Monique: Tell us about your book “Destiny’s Child: The Untold Story”.

Mathew Knowles: It’s a story of the 20 plus years (starting in 1992) of the journey that started with Girls Tyme. It started with over 20 plus members of Girls Tyme that then became The Dolls, that then became Cliché, that then became Something Fresh, that then became Destiny, who then became Destiny’s Child. Again, that journey was 25 plus years. I would say there was a total of 25 members. It’s telling the story that has never been told before. I chose to have 10 other guests in the book who actually were very instrumental, who could tell the story accurately as well because there’s a lot of misinformation that’s out about Destiny’s Child, about how they got started, and who did what, when, and where. I just felt it was time to just clear that air so people will know exactly how the group morphed into the Destiny’s Child we know today.

JM: What were the challenges you faced while trying to get the group to the next level?

Knowles: Well, there’s so many in the book about the challenges. The challenge of putting the right group together after Star Search. The challenge of them in Atlanta. When they were The Dolls, they didn’t have any control over their careers. There was the challenge of seeing mistakes being made from the name and the challenge of the parents when they were minors because when you have children, you have parents who are equally involved. The challenge of just their personal development as young girls growing into young ladies to women. The challenge of emotional growth and physical growth. The challenge of making changes. The challenge of working seven days a week, a brand-new work ethic, and working around the world. The challenge of deaths, my business partner/co-manager died in the process of lupus. It was just constant challenges. The challenge of initially being a parent and being accepted. The challenge of Beyonce’s growth and personal growth that outgrew the other ladies. The challenge of how you manage with a fiduciary duty of making sure you represent the group. Then, there’s the challenge of being a father and a manager and the challenge of being a manager and a husband. There’s a tremendous number of challenges. The book walks the readers through the obstacles and the challenges that were overcome and some of the highlights of this journey.

JM: How did you deal with being a father and also wearing a manager hat?

Knowles: It’s a very difficult balance because again if I was just managing one artist such as just managing Solange and nobody else, that would be an easier balance. I know the media and their small minds only see Beyonce, but I have a daughter named Solange, so I had to balance between two daughters in the industry and being a father and being their manager and then the other members of the group, and then being a husband and putting that hat on, so it’s a lot of hats that had to be worn

JM: How does it feel to have daughters who are mega superstars?

Knowles: I’m very proud. I get to wear the father hat right now in their lives. I don’t look at the business anymore. Sometimes I do…sometimes I can’t help but see some things that maybe I would have done differently. I’m very proud of their success. They’ve done very well. I see a lot of me in their decision making and that makes me smile. I’m so proud that they’re first and foremost good people. They give back to the community. In their success, they stay black. That makes me proud.




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