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Published on March 8th, 2020 | by MuzikScribe


Boom Bam (Formerly Of Compton’s Most Wanted) Dishes On MC Eiht, Long Awaited Solo Album, N.O.T.R. And Much More…

Let’s discuss this upcoming single, “No Vasoline #2“— Tell me about this particular track; how did it come to fruition?

“No Vasoline #2” came to fruition when me and the band members split ways for good. I always looked at Ice Cube’s original classic “No Vaseline” was the all time best dis song, so I decided to use it and put my own little spin on it.

Ultimately, what do you feel it is that caused this major rift between yourself and both MC Eiht, as well as Tha Chill?

The rift between myself, MC Eiht and Chill actually started brewing a long time. Mostly loyalty and trust, among other issues. Once you cross me, we’re done.

Have you spoken to either Mike T or Slip? And if so, what are their respective positions on this ongoing feud?

Yes, I speak to Mike T and DJ Slip quite often. They know where, when and why the beef started, and both wondered what took me so long to separate from they dudes.

Now if all goes according to plan, “No Vaseline #2” comes courtesy of your exceedingly overdue debut solo collection, ‘Still Wanted’ — Although pretty self-explanatory, still tell me, conceptually, what that title represents both to and for you?

‘Still Wanted’ represents my perspective on my reality of growing up and still living in the mean streets of Compton. Good and bad.

How then does ‘Still Wanted’ either differ and / or compare to what the fans already both know and love you for as one fifth of C.M.W.?

‘Still Wanted’ differs from C.M.W. in many ways. MC Eiht came up with 80% of ideas and creativity. ‘Still Wanted’ is 100% of my ideas and creativity. Different sounds.

‘Still Wanted’ is a 159th Street Music project — What are your future plans / goals for the imprint? And who all, besides yourself of course, currently makes up its artist roster?

159th Street Music is my label I created over 20 years ago. I plan on releasing all genres of music. No color lines. Rap / Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel and any other music people love. Besides myself and my kids, we will be looking for new talent to produce and release.

Switching gears here, how has not only the industry itself, but even more-so you as an individual, either changed and / or evolved since your whole inception into music?

The music industry hasn’t changed me at all since my inception into the music scene. I stay true to myself and my fans.

Longevity, what do you attribute yours to? 

I’ll have to attribute my longevity in the music game is, like i said before, staying true to myself and my fans, and putting out good material / music our fans can relate to.

What do you want people to get from your music?

I want people to get the truth, my reality of a day in the life of Boom Bam in the streets of Compton and, if possible, some type of positive message.

Are there a(ny) hidden meaning / message(s) in any of your music?

No, there’s no hidden meaning or message. I’m pretty translucent. Clear and to the point. Expressing my opinion, no matter who don’t like it. Never hold my tongue.

As a lyricist, where do you actually draw inspiration from?

As a lyricist, I draw my inspiration mostly from myself, my family and other rappers, athletes, actors etcetera…for whom which I am a fan of.

Please explain your entire creative process…

To be honest, my creative process begins once I hear a bomb ass beat / instrumental and blaze up some bomb ass Cali buds! A few blunts tend to get the creative juices flowing *Bam chuckles*

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of Hip Hop? And, even more specifically, where exactly do you “fit in” when it comes to today’s trending sound-scape?

To be honest, I’m not too happy with the current state of Hip Hop and rap. Everything sounds soft and watered-down. They talking ’bout all kinds of shit, that for the most part don’t make no sense. I think I fit in fine in today’s trending sound-scape because REAL Gangsta Rap will never die! There’s always going to be people that can relate to it.

Biggest inspirations; both past and present?

My inspiration comes from my family, other artists and life experiences.

What has been your greatest career achievement(s), at least thus far anyway?

My greatest career achievements so far would have to be all the great C.M.W. albums we’ve put out over the past 20 years plus. And my big screen debuts in Menace II Society and Rhyme & Reason.

[Ed. Note: Bam also briefly appeared in the backyard scene of Boyz n the Hood]

What’s an average day like for you?

My average day consists of my family first; maybe the gym, the studio, chilling with real friends and running my electrical company on the side. Try to stay busy.

Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans…

I interact and respond with my fans on a very personal level. Meet and greet, as well as actually personally responding to messages via social media text messages and e-mail.

What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? And why?

My favorite part about what I do is traveling different places and meeting new people; networking. My least favorite is the time away from my family and my own bed.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?

My advice to someone wanting to follow in my footsteps is to craft your style, stay true and always believe in yourself and your dreams. No matter what no one else believes. And work very hard to achieve your dreams.

“Growin’ Up in the Hood” and “Hood Took Me Under” are bonafide Hip Hop classics — How did these songs actually come about? Who came up with the concepts? And, please describe for me the overall studio vibe on those fateful days?

“Growing Up in the Hood” and “Hood Took Me Under” was mostly the concept of MC Eiht, Mike T and DJ Slip. The studio vibes in them days were great. Awesome. Young kids with the world in our hands. Like brothers.

What ever became of Niggaz on tha Run? Despite having secured a recording contract with Big Beat, no album ever materialized…

Niggaz on tha Run was me and Chill’s group. It never materialized due to GREED. PERIOD! DJ Slip wasn’t compensated properly, so he refused to deliver the album to Big Beat so they shelved it. It was a really dope album we spent two years recording. I only hope it is released someday. Such a great album to waste.

Lastly, what’s next for you, Boom Bam?

Next for Boom Bam is getting this label off the ground…the big screen and opening a restaurant soon.

Is there anything I left out, or just plain forgot to mention?

Lastly, I want to let people know where they can find me.. INSTAGRAM: BOOMBAM_CMW. FACEBOOK: BOOMBAM…And to be on the lookout for the new single, “No Vasoline #2,” and the album, ‘Still Wanted,’ later this year. Thank you very much for your time and patience.




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