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25 Items To Keep You Happy, Healthy And/Or Safe From The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Millions of people — if not billions of people — around the world are currently quarantined, only leaving home for essential activities. For those moments when you and/or yours are outside your home, it is key to feel happy, healthy and safe from the current Coronavirus pandemic.

In turn, as exclusive to the website of The Hype Magazine, below are 25 items you can currently order through online retailers to help keep you happy, healthy and/or safe in a variety of ways.


Like many of us do, Jackie Moss ended up in the hospital. After she was released, she started thinking. Hospital gowns leave a lot to be desired. That thought led her to design a line of hospital gowns that can lift a patient’s spirits while making the whole experience a little less scary. She says the gowns also solve the dilemma of what to buy someone who’s in the hospital.

In turn, Giftgowns created a stylish way to cover your face and body. The brand is now known for fashionable, functional and comfortable hospital gowns and face masks, as made of durable fabric you can wash and rewear. Post-pandemic, these coverings can be used as a dust mask for activities like mowing, gardening, sweeping and dusting.


There is a new way to stay on your medicine dosing schedule and it’s called TookTake. TookTake is a simple dosage reminder system that lets you know if you took, or still need to take your prescription and over-the-counter medication and supplements.

The vinyl coated labels of TookTake work on almost all prescription and over-the-counter medications. Unlike pillboxes, smart caps and apps, TookTake can be used on lotions, liquids, gels, powders, or any other medication or supplement in the original packaging — a friendly tap on your shoulder to take your medication.


1ABOVE is made with the purpose is to help people’s bodies and minds not only to keep up, but thrive in today’s world and whatever tomorrow throws at us. Nature generally has the answer. In turn, 1 ABOVE uses advanced understanding and science to create combinations that help the body and mind respond. It then packages such in the simplest and most convenient way for every day usage. Its Efferverscent Tablets come in 2-tube and 4-tube packs. Ultimately 1 ABOVE is a next-level infusion of the super antioxidant Pycnogenol, vitamins and electrolytes to support your energy.

My Alchemy Skincare’s Lift Off & Glow Travel Set

With My Alchemy Skincare’s new Lift Off & Glow Travel Set, you can arrive ready for any destination. Comprise of My Alchemy Skincare’s Wildcrafted Cleanser, Rose Hydrosol, Illuminate Face Serum, Eco-Friendly Disposable Towelettes and Vitamini Vitamin Box, the set is neatly organized isiden a little travel bag for on-the-go action. In turn, you can toss your Travel Mini into your luggage, purse or workout bag for use at home or abroad. This gender-neutral set is right for any and all skin types.

Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner

This detangling leave-in conditioner makes hair manageable, eliminates frizz and fly-aways, and adds moisture and shine. The uniquely-designed lightweight moisturizing spray repairs damaged hair, while also enhancing, softening, moisturizing and strengtheing hair. It works on all hair types: Straight (1a,1b,1c), Wavy hair (2a,2b,2c), Curly hair (3a, 3b, 3c), Kinky/Coily hair (4a,4b,4c). It also works on all hair conditions: natural, fine, frizzy, dry, fine curly, oily, greasy, thick coarse, coarse, low, normal and high porosity hair.

Daily Dose Miracle Moisture Leave-In Conditioner is also cruelty-free, vegan, and free of Parabens, SLES and SLS Sulfates, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Gluten, Iron Oxides, Lead, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Nut Ingredients AND Palm Oil.

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Remember PacMan?  This is him eating up coronaviruses 🙂 The cool thing is we actually have little PacMen in our bloodstream, called “macrophages”. A macrophage is a large white blood cell that’s an essential part of our immune system. A macrophage has the ability to locate and “eat” particles, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites! So, seriously, this is why it’s important to keep our cells happy!  Because we want all the PacMen (white blood cells) in our bloodstream to have everything they need to support their activities. The plant-based humic and fulvic complexes in Keto-BEAM provide the full spectrum of necessary electrolytes and micronutrients your white blood cells need to keep on. . . “ PacMan-ing"! Go “Pac-Macrophages"! – – – – #macrophage #cellularsupport #ketofamily #ketocommunity #comealive #lowcarbdiet #ketotransformations #ketobeam #bethebeam #keto #lowcarb #coronavirus #coronavirusmemes #covidart #covidmemes #coronavirusart #covid19art #covid-19art #covid19memes #covid-19art

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For those that are keeping to the Keto Diet, they know a side effect of having one’s body in ketosis is the “Keto Flu”; a result of losing electrolytes at a faster rate. Said Keto Flu can include headaches, fatigue, muscle aches and other flu-like symptoms. The answer? Supplement those electrolytes with Keto-BEAM.

Keto-BEAM offers three products to help: Electrolyze, Micro-Boost, and Insta-Lyte. Users nickname this miracle spray “Magic Spray” it works so well. Just spray it where you are cramping and the electrolytes in INSTA-LYTES start working immediately to resolve cramps, eliminate body aches, clear lactic acid and detox the cells. With absolutely no additives, Keto-BEAM plant-based minerals are an entirely-natural, organic source of electrolytes, trace minerals and amino acids in a pH-balancing state. These 100 percent bio-available electrolytes and micro-nutrients deeply nourish the cells and support cellular efficiency.

Alio Collection’s Cedar & Teak

Alio has been family-owned and operated for over three generations, and uses its decades of experience to create future-minded home fragrance and sustainable odor eliminating solutions. Its products are safe, eco-friendly and odor-eliminating products which they hope you can feel good about.

The Cedar & Teak fragrance from Alio is a blend of fresh fir balsam air and the unmistakable scent of a cedar. With a hint of earthy patchouli, this scent lends way to a warming nuance of sheer vanilla and oakmoss. Undeniably a popular scent with men.

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is an on-demand yoga, fitness, and mindfulness platform for home and on-the-go, although give the current pandemic, emphasis is on the “home” part. Alo Moves is currently access to a selection of FREE full-length classes on its YouTube channel so that everyone has the ability to practice in the comfort of their own home.

Whether you’re a first-timer or can do “scorpion pose” on demand, Alo Moves has a class for you. There are new classes released every week so you can find what best moves you. Alo Moves works with a diverse range of world-class instructors — like Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin — who will inspire you, challenge you, and help you take your practice to the next level. You’ll also have the support of Alo Moves’ uplifting community so you can stay motivated and track your progress. Thus, pleasant and easy access to yoga, meditation, barre, pilates and more via Alo Moves.

Beam CBD

Beam — also stylized lowercase as “beam” — is a Massachusetts-based wellness company founded by Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran. Lombardi and Moran are both former professional athletes, while Beam offers pure, broad spectrum (THC-free) pharmaceutical-grade CBD products, as made from specially-grown hemp in Colorado.

Noticing a lack of transparency in the CBD wellness market, Beam offers consumers a line of rigorously-tested CBD products with high-quality ingredients that communicate with the human body’s natural central and peripheral nervous systems and help relieve physical pain, anxiety, sleep deprivation and more. Meanwhile, Lombardi and Moran both continue to be highly-active, regularly participating in IronMan and CrossFit competitions.

New from Beam are its Boost and Revive. Boost is essentially water-based gel full of nano CBD particles, a perfect addition to your day-to-day, take boost from meetings to workouts. With Revive, you can combat low energy and muscle soreness via convenient daily capsules filled with nano CBD and all-natural antioxidants. The greatness from Beam continues…

Lat & Lo

Lat & Lo is a unique handcrafted jewelry brand that first began years ago in the oceanside town of Neptune Beach, Florida. What first started out as a tiny hand-stamped jewelry line in founder Kellie’s Ivey’s humble garage evolved to the world’s first full line of custom location wear now worn and loved by thousands of people all over the world.

Through its partnership with domestic raw supply companies, each purchase from Lat & Lo supports multiple small businesses across the U.S. It designs and makes its signature quality jewelry inscribed with sentimental customized latitude longitude coordinates to a meaningful place in your life. In turn, each Lat & Lo piece is handcrafted to order and customized specially for you in its Florida studio.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings, keychains, cufflinks, money clips… Sterling silver, gold, rose gold, solid 14 karat gold… Stunning gifts are available for all occasions and people of all ages and backgrounds. Available via the brand’s website and through select retailers.

Lifted Made

Lifted Made is a premier producer of innovative hemp-CBD products known for cutting-edge aesthetics and packaging, and wide-ranging appeal. It’s a rapidly expanding company that has managed to retain its personal, small business ethos, as their products are crafted in small batches from hemp grown locally by Midwestern farms. Lifted Made is poised to take the industry by storm thanks to the determination and resilience of its Founder and CEO, Nicholas Warrender.

Prior to founding Lifted Made, Nicholas Warrender was a former high school basketball star and DJ. He ultimately overcame an autoimmune disorder and other harrowing hardships, and that journey helped him towards his discovery of CBD. Via Lifted Made, Warrender and team are dedicated to making CBD more accessible and approachable for consumers of all ages and backgrounds. Under Lifted Made and their new Urb brand, the company is offered a variety of wellness-focused items infused with broad spectrum hemp-CBD oil including lotions, body sprays, bath balms, smokeable products and CBD treats.

Tomen Botanicals

Tomen harnesses the power of plant-based healing traditions to create functional botanical concentrates that balance and restore our natural rhythms. Tomen’s 5 proprietary formulas were developed by working with masters in traditional Chinese medicine, integrative wellness, western herbology and botany. Designed to be great tasting, powerful healing tonics that are potent, efficacious and pure, each serving of Tomen offers a full daily dose of adaptogenic and medicinal botanicals.

The company is committed to seeking the world’s most pure and powerful plants while simultaneously respecting their natural temples and rhythms. Certified-organic, locally-grown or ethically wild-harvested, Tomen offers full traceability on all ingredients. Its botanical concentrates — titled Focus (white sage), Digest (lemon verbena and ginger), Calm (lavender), Detox (mint and cucumber) and Immunity (holy basil) — are meant to be used 3 to 6 times daily for best results. Each bottle has around 30 servings.


RECOVƎR 180 provides premium functional hydration for those who work hard and play harder. Its perfectly-balanced isotonic formula of salt and sugar, along with clinically-proven premium herbal extracts and essential vitamins, provides rapid rehydration and relief. In turn, the beverage lets you hydrate through plant-based extracts, vitamins and 930mg of electrolytes. Earlier this month, RECOVƎR 180 was noted in the “Ready-To-Drink” category of the 2020 Best Bite Awards.

Go Forth Goods

Go Forth Goods makes American handmade leather goods for stylish travel purposes. Women ought to adore the roomy Avery Tote while the William Leather Duffle Bag will have your average male headed to his next destination looking sharp. Need a place to store all of the cords for your devices? The Leather Charging Cable Roll is ideal for keeping thing neat & organized while traveling. Handmade in Marietta, Georgia, Go Forth also makes briefcases, wallets, leather belts, shirts, hats, watch straps and other accessories. As an added bonus, its wares are guaranteed for life.


I live in a beach town, and even during the colder months of the year, walking and sitting on the beach can be fun. Tesalate aims to make “the perfect beach towel,” and I must say that their towels give me everything I need and more. They are incredibly-compact, absorbent and fast-drying, beyond looking stylish. But my favorite feature of Tesalate’s towels are that each towel is made with exclusive absorblite fabric so that sand does not stick to the towel. Available in both single and double sizes in over 40 gorgeous designs, so there’s something for everyone from Tesalate, at least on the towel end.

Wild Breed Equipment

Speaking of towel-related accessories, Wild Breed Equipment’s Down Travel Blanket & Stuff Sack is also an ideal travel accessory. Engineered with the same high-end materials as premium sleeping bags, it is compact and will fit easily into an easy carry-on. Comfort meets practicality with this super-soft travel blanket, so you probably won’t want to travel without it.

BioLite Headlamp

BioLite is a new player in the headlamp space. Its HeadLamp 200 is an ultra-lightweight take of BioLite’s HeadLamp 330, one of the lightest weight fitness accessories on the market. Coming in at just about 50g, this headlamp offers ample amount of light for its small, streamlined design. In turn, HeadLamp 200 is a simple, elegant lighting accessory that can be taken camping, used for nighttime exercise, utilized during emergencies and packed as a travel accessory alike. It is easy to pack in a jacket or running pack, powers for 40 hours on low, is free of a battery pack and cords, and is priced at an affordable $44.95.

FlexSafe Portable Safe By Aquavault

Thanks to Aquavault’s FlexSafe Portable Safe, you will never have to worry about your stuff being stolen when going for a swim at the beach, pool, water park or any water-related venue you can think of. Thanks to Aquavault’s great product, you can easily lock your phones, wallets, passports and jewelry up to a lounge chair, stroller, golf cart or closet rod. The FlexSafe is slash-resistant, water-resistant and has an RFID blocking layer inside so thieves cannot scan your credit cards. It also has a customized, high-quality, 3-digit, resettable combination lock. Thus, it is a must for travel and usage at home alike.

Out Of The Woods Seagull Cooler

Out Of The Woods is a newly-launched sustainable bag brand with bags, coolers or all sorts of storage products meant for effective transporting. With modern styling and attractive price points, Out Of The Woods bags answer the consumer demand for products to be more environmentally and ethically-centered. Its sleek and functional collection of food-centric and everyday bags — like the Paper Sac Lunch, Mini Shopper Lunch and the Connoisseur Wine Tote — are made from Supernatural Paper, a renewable, lightweight material derived from paper that matches the strength and aesthetics of leather while being 100% animal-free. It’s even washable.

Its Seagull Cooler has a large-zipped cooler compartment. With short wrapped handles and a long strap alternative, this bag is always comfortable to carry. Its space-saving design allows it to be stored flat. Meanwhile, its heat-sealed colored thick PEVA inner lining keeps its inner-stored food and/or beverage temperature-regulated due to its extra thick insulation. Yet another great product from a great brand.

Nathan Sports’ SaferRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm

Driven by a real understanding of athlete needs, Nathan Soports’ team of innovators sweat the details, because it’s the details that help you push your potential. As the reported market leader in creating ground-breaking Running Essentials’ gear, Nathan’s performance-driven products help you have your best run. Its offerings — as built for road warriors, ultra-runners, triathletes, couch-to-5Kers, and every sort of dedicated athlete in between — include industry-leading and best-selling hydration vests, belts, handhelds, bottles, running paks, active visibility and reflective vests, and other gear. All of that gear is indeed designed to help you run stronger and longer and can be found through retails in 45 countries (and counting).

The new SaferRun Ripcord Siren Personal Alarm from Nathan Sports is a thumb-sized device that blasts sound in case of emergency. A pull of a tab will sound a 120dB alarm that the runner, cyclist, hiker or commuter is in distress, sounding as loud as an ambulance siren and audible from over 600 feet away. The product is part of a collection of SaferRun products, including handhelds, waist packs and phone carriers, which include a built-in space for the alarm.


The roots of IQTRAVELS go back to a cramped bathroom of a small hotel room. There was no room for its founders’ toiletries, so they were inspired to create a convenient and attractive accessory bag that travelers would love. In turn, IQTRAVELS designs and develops convenient travel toiletry bags that help millions of people travel in style. The brand provides solutions for traveling by car, boat, plane or any other means of transportation in which you need to keep all your accessories securely stored and ready for use.

IQTRAVELS’ current offerings including its 2 in 1 Travel Cosmetic Bag, its TSA-Approved Clear Bag, a Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag and Dopp Kits. Furthermore, IQTRAVELS is committed to providing its customers with an ideal online shopping experience, as rooted in easy payment processing and fast delivery.


Most cleaning product-related companies are not required to list their products’ contents. This means that many companies — even those that claim to be toxin-free — can load their products with hazardous ingredients that you can’t easily pronounce. If they include an ingredient list at all. Truce thinks it’s important to prove both zero toxicity and zero nastiness, which is why its ingredients have been listed on every product label since its start. Therefore, Truce uses all commonplace, recognizable ingredients.

With free shipping on all online orders over $59.00 placed via the Truce website, Truce produces items related to home cleaning, pet care, laundry, linens, hand soap and active care. In the words of the Downtown Devil: “In a world filled with chemicals there are still companies, like Truce, that are working hard to keep the planet clean and healthy.” Thus, if in immediate need of cleaning products for your home, check out this Green America Certified Business.

Arcopedico’s Sandals

Arcopedico was born in 1966. Totally handmade in the original Portuguese facilities, Arcopedico’s sandals feature the brand’s famous twin arch system, which ensures your feet will be comfy all day long. Monterey is one of Arcopedico’s top-selling sandals, featuring a Arne-Dry cushioned footbed which will keep your feet dry, well-ventilated and comfortable. The Harley sandal is a whimsical wedge with support you can feel, featuring hook and loop closure at the ankle to provide a perfect fit and allow maximum adjustability.

After almost 60 years is still manufacturing by hand, also available from Arcopedico are the Mailu — which they bill as “the most comfortable knitted shoe ever” — and the Lolita. The Lolita is notably a slip-on with a durable polyurethane outer sole which absorbs impact and provides grip for a confident stride—perfect for walking on slippery sidewalks and cobblestones while touristing. It is made of vegan material while machine washable and available in a huge variety of colors. Its four-way stretch lycra material forms to the foot, also assisting wearers with foot problems.

Swiftwick’s Pursuit 12 Ski Socks

Swiftwick is comprised of a passionate group of athletes serving athletes. The brand started when a mountain bike racer saw the need for high-performance socks with superior moisture-wicking and incredible fit. Today, it is an international brand developing performance socks for running, cycling, hiking and other adventures. It shares your passion for an active lifestyle and is committed to making the best socks you will ever wear.

The brand’s Pursuit 12 ski socks are designed with merino wool for durability and moisture wicking temperature control. They are cushioned to support muscles and designed to absorb impact and have natural odor control. Also available from Swiftwick are its Flite XT’s, the most technologically-advanced sock for ankle stability during quick movements. The Flite XT’s GripDry fiber creates tiny micro treads that grip your shoes to keep you stable, making it great for running, fitness and golf activities alike.


On the other side of the sock spectrum, Swaggr creates super-soft socks that save our oceans. Swaggr’s vision is to conserve and create a cleaner ocean so that the marine life remain healthier and live longer. Made from 91 percent recycled plastic, Swaggr’s socks contain at least 3 recycled plastic bottles per pair and are designed to be softer, fit better than your traditional go-to ankle or crew sock, and wear longer than traditional socks. Swaggr notably also recently launched a kids line too.

As further proof that Swaggr is run by excellent human beings, Swaggr encourages customers to send back their discarded pairs so they can be further recycled. Remember, these unique sock fibers can be broken down once again to make more socks. The brand is also partnering with 1% For The Planet, thus you can simultaneously treat your feet and save the oceans via Swaggr.


Soap shortage over there? And also want to follow guidelines to stay put? Ecomended has zero-waste soap bars that you have to see for yourself. You can use them as shampoo, body and/or hand soap.

Looking for more than just soap? Ecomended is a one-stop-shop where you can find zero-waste, eco-friendly, affordable, and sustainable products from housewares to health and beauty. Ecomended runs the gamut with vegan dental floss, wheat fiber travel cutlery, shampoo bars, artisan soap, and much more. Its Shampoo Bars are hand-poured in-store and they make a variety of adorable shapes for both sizes.

While spending $99+ through the Ecomended website will get you free shipping on your next order, the company also has a $10 discount in place for first time customers which you ought to see within your first click over to its website. Those in close proximity to the Tempe, Arizona area can also visit a brick and mortar store for Ecomended, although given the current recommended quarantining within more cities and states than not, it may be best to order Ecomended products through its website.

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