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A Q&A With Artist Klever From The Brownside

Alex Izquierdo aka Klever was born and raised in South Los Angeles. His upbringing could have led him down a rough path but instead, he was fortunately introduced to music through his older brother Toker. Klever’s chorus for a song called “Till the Casket Drops” went viral hitting over 1M views on YouTube. It was that day that he became Klever from the Brownside. We had the chance to sit down with Klever to talk about new music and the upcoming Brownside documentary.

What is the biggest accomplishment of your music career?

Tbh I haven’t reached my biggest accomplishment yet but can honestly say this music career saved my life because if I wouldn’t of been busy on all this I probably would be dead or locked up behind this gang life.

Do you feel that Hip Hop artists should give back to their communities and why or why not? 

Tbh I really don’t care about what other artist do, Me if i had it good like other successful artists I would give back not money wise but in opening up some kind of recreational facility to give these kids in rough areas something to do and guide them to a successful career or whatever other then an early funeral or jail.

Did anyone teach you about music growing up or are you entirely self-taught?

I wouldn’t say he taught me but my oldest brother Toker is the one who got into the music way back in the day and i pretty much learned the basics of how it worked.

Who are some artists you are listening to right now?

BROWNSIDE, 2pac,Eazy, Snoop and a few other 90s G’z. I also bump a lot of what we Mexicans call narco corridos. What you guys might call spanish music lol .

What have you been doing during quarantine? Have you been staying creative?

Spending good time with the fambam at home and I am writing new music and putting some ideas together for my projects I’m working on.

Where would be your dream location to tour? In the US or outside of the US?

In or out it really don’t matter.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Toker and Danger from BROWNSIDE. 2pac, Eazy E.

What’s next up in 2020? What can your fans look forward to? 

If we make it out of this damn quarantine I’m hoping I finish the new album but most importantly the BROWNSIDE DOCUMENTARY.

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