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A Q&A With Founder & CEO Of Innovative New Streaming Platform NeverLeveled

NeverLeveled Founder & CEO Guy B Duhon Jr and President Lamar Brumfield have been working behind the scenes building up a massive television network. The creators of Culture A Destination Festival, Soul & Paint, producers of various television shows, streaming content and live entertainment, roll out their network NeverLeveled TV. The network consists of live television, a concert venue, independent & exclusive content, and movie streaming. The platform feels like a combination of Live Television, Netflix, YouTube, Zoom, and Social Media platforms combined, except that it’s more interactive! The platform is a content creator and independent filmmaker’s dream. In the current state of COVID-19, NeverLeveled is set to take advantage of the current market. With the lineup we have reviewed and confirmed, from A-list & up and coming artists, major & independent films, podcasts, news, weather, various live entertainment, content creators, and the staff on board as creators. NeverLeveled TV will join the ranks of powerhouse platforms for many years to come. We had a chance to sit down with the Founder & CEO to learn more:

What sparked the idea for NeverLeveled TV and where did you come up with the name?

Guy B Duhon Jr – I was in the planning stages of starting a corporation. Initially was going to call it Next Level. Seen that it was taken. During a family gathering, we started brainstorming, Tiffani shouted NeverLeveled, one word and it stuck from that moment. So, as we started NeverLeveled, we rolled it over to other entities we’ve started. There is a few without the NeverLeveled brand.

What is the most useful skill you’ve brought from your industry experience that has allowed you to help create NeverLeveled?

Guy B Duhon Jr – Time management, loyalty, hard work and dedication. Without them, I may have lost my mind without them (Laughing out loud)

Lamar Brumfield – The most useful skill I would say would be getting a better understanding of what really goes into the production side of things lighting, sound, etc, etc what makes the people have the wow factor and how the ppl connect emotionally to the production.

Is your platform subscription-based? How do you plan to monetize it?

Guy B Duhon Jr – Subscription-based. We’ll have tiers of commercials and non-commercials. Working on pricing as we speak. There may be a free side as well.

Lamar Brumfield – Yes is subscription-based. We plan to monetize our platform through our original programming and live shows amongst other things

Explain the ways in which your platform will be interactive.

Guy B Duhon Jr – Chat, virtual reality… Picture yourself performing, at times your information pop-up and scroll the screen, one-click for fans to view merchandise, music and more. You come off stage and you have a virtual media audience ready for questions or a crowd waiting for a virtual meet and greet. All I can give you at this moment, just the gist.

What types of music and films do you plan to host on your platform?

Guy B Duhon Jr – Concerts with your A-list & up and coming artist, major & independent films, podcasts, news, weather, comedy, and various live entertainment.

Lamar Brumfield – The goal is to have multiple genres of music, through these genres of music we reach a larger demographic of people. Having multiple genres of music touches people differently and we want the music to inspire as many people as we can. Our movies we want to teach, elevate and inspire as well as entertain our movies will hit all the emotional triggers that leave you wanting more.

Do you feel like your platform will be in high demand even after covid-19 calms down?

Guy B Duhon Jr – Very much so, I feel like if an artist or creator puts out music or great content, your audience stick. Plus, outside of the major networks and film market, we’re giving independent creators a platform to showcase their creativity. Also, great live entertainment. I like to think of it as the Staple Center of online venues. I maybe raising high expectations but in time all will see.

Lamar Brumfield – Yes I feel our platform will still be in high demand once COVID-19 is lifted as long as you have the right content the people will come

What were some of the challenges of creating your website?

Guy B Duhon Jr – Perfecting live sound through our stream. I have a thing with live performances that I want the stereo sound to come through the speakers.

Lamar Brumfield – Some of the challenges and getting the platform up was really making sure everyone could be on calls video chats etc and get the foundation right due to the circumstances we all can’t be in the same room so we have to work together socially

When do you formally launch the website?

Guy B Duhon Jr – June, you can possibly expect a surprise pop-up performance, or we’ll announce our schedule soon

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