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Published on May 8th, 2020 | by MJ


ANJELICA Is On the Rise with “Good Ones”

ANJELICA is a force of musical ambition that you need to know, now.

Recently releasing her debut single and video for “Good Ones,” with a stripped acoustic version that followed, ANJELICA puts her name on the map. Her sound is a luscious Dark-Pop that fills the room with a strong and captivating aura that will have you craving more from the buzzworthy artist.

The piece brings a heightened sense of truth and vulnerability, which carries throughout. For “Good Ones,” ANJELICA had self-written and produced the track, which makes the process a true labor of love. She brings a gravitational pull that ignites her musical flame, which will draw you in time and time again.


ANJELICA’s story goes deep. An only child whose parents separated right after she was born, she spent her earliest years moving up and down the east coast with her free-spirited, bohemian mother. By the age of 6, Anjelica’s innate vocal ability became evident while enrolled at a local musical theatre. She continued to hone her skills eventually landing a spot at the prestigious Idyllwild Arts Academy. Encouraged by her music teachers, she auditioned for American Idol, where Judge Simon Cowell referred to her as, “a young Christina Aguilera.” Anjelica succeeded at making it to the Top 50. As Anjelica’s career was starting to take shape, her mother suddenly passed away from a brain aneurysm; and soon after her grandfather.
ANJELICA eventually began to rebuild herself as both a business woman and artist by writing and recording hundreds of songs under the alias ‘Jessica Vox’. In that time, she worked with producers/engineers such as Jimmy Douglass, (Jay Z, The Internet) Carlos “El Loco” Bedoya, (Beyoncé, Missy Elliot) Steve “9K” Nowa, (Amy Winehouse) Starkillers (Nadia Ali) and honed her performance skills at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival with international DJ Los De La Vega. Another obstacle came to ANJELICA as she suddenly was diagnosed with vocal chord paresis, caused by a “random cold virus” that had attacked and paralyzed her left vocal chord. Slowly and progressively, Anjelica’s voice returned, yet now possessing more power, soul, and a distinct tonal change. Doctors defined her recovery as a “spontaneous regeneration” of the left vocal chord, further deepening her faith in, what could only be, the divine. She credits this experience as the sole catalyst shifting her from singer/songwriter to full fledged producer and all-encompassing creator, seemingly overnight.
With her latest “Good Ones,” in tow, and new music surely to reach our ears soon, ANJELICA is a name to watch for 2020.

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