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5 Minutes with DJ Spen

The HYPE Magazine recently caught up with house-music legend DJ Spen about how he’s doing during quarantine, the music he’s loving at the moment, and what his plans are for the rest of what has already been a crazy year!

Earlier this summer DJ Spen dropped “Party People,” a collaboration with the iconic Crystal Waters. From its first beat, “Party People” lives up to its title. Its soulful blend of classic 808 beats, acid house synth, and gospel-influenced piano will instantly get glowsticks waving; whether they’re in the club or the kitchen. Spen worked on the track with fellow producer, Micfreak, before sending it to Waters, whose celebratory lyrics are a classic hymn to endless nights spent hearing the best music with the best people. “She came up with an excellent song,” enthuses Spen. “It truly is about party people.”

Crank up the speakers to “Party People” HERE.

Check out our 5 Minutes with DJ Spen Q&A below…

Hey Spen – how have you been finding lockdown?

It’s not been bad at all. Sometimes crazy and a lot different from the usual – yes. A few months ago, I never would have thought I would be live streaming or doing any sort of virtual events. But I guess human nature is funny like that, you just adapt. The key for me now is trying to find balance between work, family life, exercise, eating…because all of it happens in the same place. I know I will never forget 2020.

Your track with Crystal Waters came out during this time and has been well received by fans – how has it been releasing music at the moment?

Releasing music hasn’t really changed. My label usually has 2 releases every week and that has not really changed. I think people are hungrier for music and entertainment. So we are seeing a lot of new fans and getting tons of inbox messages asking where to find more music. We have a captive audience so that part has been really nice – to interact with people (that) are just learning about the sound of our music.

What has kept you entertained during this crazy quarantine time?

Well my family is pretty entertaining to say the least. Obviously we are spending a lot of time together so that has been very fun. I have also become somewhat of a Netflix junkie. Queen of the South is my current favorite.

Favorite track to listen to at the moment?

At the moment, what I am feeling is: James Curd “Hightower (Yoruba Soul Mix).“

What do you have planned for the rest of 2020?

Interesting question because I am not really sure I can make any plans. I was called about a gig in Portugal in October. Honestly though, we have no idea if Portugal (or any other country) is even going to be letting Americans in by then. In the meantime, I am going to keep working on music. I would like to put a DJ Spen album out by the end of the year. I have some good material and some time to work on it obviously. We will see is my answer to everything.


“Party People,” featuring Crystal Waters, is out now.

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