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Meet the Mastermind Producer Mixx

We spend so much time discussing the artists who front some of our favorite hits that we often neglect the masterminds behind the boards. We thought we’d change it up a little bit and catch up with one of the hottest producer/engineers in the business who’s chalking up plaques faster than I can type! The subject of today’s piece goes by the name of Mixx or Mixxproduction if you keep up with the liner notes. He’s got an exciting body of work which he’s crafted behind the scenes which you will see from his official line below…dig it!

Earning five #1 Billboard awards, nine gold and six platinum plaques, Baruch Nembhard, professionally known as Mixx or Mixxproduction, is one of the music industry’s best kept secrets. A highly skilled producer and studio engineer, Mixx’s most notable contributions are to some of the worlds most talented and respected artists. His catalog includes work with hip hop artists such as Kanye West, Drake, French Montana, DJ Khaled and R&B stars like The Weeknd and Teyana Taylor.

Mixx has made a name for himself cooking up beats behind the scenes with a gift of music that has been nurtured since the age of 15. Born in South Florida and raised in Jamaica and Broward County, the sounds of the Caribbean heavily influenced Mixx’s musical style. His family owned a record label in Miami and he later began working at a local studio in the area where he was introduced to music outside of school. Using artists’ unique sound and tone, Mixx fine tunes and perfects the melodic intricacies that allow fans to personally connect to their favorite songs.

Mixx’s most recent project, “Coke Boys 5” by Grammy nominated artist, French Montana was released late November 2020.  CB5 is the highly anticipated  fifth release of the Coke Boys albums and Mixx produced four of the album’s hit songs, including “In the Sun” (feat. Curren$y), “Brothers” (feat. Lil Durk),  “Big Cap” and “You Deserve a Oscar.”

The Hype Magazine caught up with Mixx to learn a bit more about him, his work and what’s coming up!

From the outside looking in, Who Is Mixx?

I’m the guy that can be a fly on the wall in a room soaking up all the knowledge. And on the other hand I could be the guy in the room leading us to victory. I’m calm but then I like to have extreme fun because I’ve done so much in my life. When it comes to music, I love producing, writing, and also engineering music and mastering the sonics. In the studio I really don’t need many people, the artist and I could go from 0 to 100 from nothing to producing the record helping out with some lyrics and engineering by recording, mixing, and master to get it ready for iTunes.

Was there a defining moment that brought you to music?

The moment I walked in the first recording studio my family owned. I fell in love with music, to see the creation process start from a blank canvas and then later build from ideas to a song was an eye opener for me and I started my journey at that point.

What’s the most satisfying for you in making music?

You know we all go through things in life, some people have to go see a therapist because life gets so crazy; music is my therapist. When I’m making music nothing matters, no problems, no headaches…I escape all problems in life and lock in to the moment that I’m in the studio and enjoy it all the way by having fun creating art from scratch.

Do you create with an artist in mind or is there a specific creative process?

At this point in my career I definitely says it’s 50-50. A lot of times I’ll go in the studio and create from scratch and not think about anyone, any artist or any genre.  I’ll just jump in there have fun make records and then send it out to different artists. They then choose which one fits them. On the other hand, there’s also a lot of times where I’m actually working on a certain album and I’ll make a few joints for that one specific artist hoping they’re going to like a few of them.


As a producer, you create and listen to so many sounds, are you still able to listen to music as a consumer?

When I first started making music everything I’d listen to I’d catch myself deconstructing it trying to figure out how they created such a legendary sound. These days I listen music and really enjoy it as a consumer knowing if I wanted to make something similar it won’t be hard.

What’s been the most incredible part of your journey to you?

The most incredible part of the journey is the relationships that I have now throughout the years of working. A lot of great friends who I consider family at this point and great memories that were created that will live on forever.

How have the benchmarks in your career shaped who you are today?

Every benchmark to me is a learning process. I am still learning everyday, don’t ever think you’re too good to learn.

What producers or artists are YOU listening to besides yourself?

I listen to almost everything because I love to try and find samples in different genres of music.

Who should we be on the look out for from your slate of artists?

Look out for French Montana’s new album. Also a couple singles from Chris Brown, CJ, Qua and many more. Also I’m working on starting a new record label so I am looking for new acts.

Why do you do what you do?

At this point I produce because I literally love music it’s never work for me, just another day to enjoy life doing what I love.

Tell us about your work or passion outside of music?

Outside of music I love business. I’m also working on a few apps and new technology to help us as people move forward and efficiently in everyday life.

Last but not least, what’s been your craziest WTF moment thus far in your career?

LOL, no comment! I’ll have to tell you this in person…

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