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Reintroducing Paula DeAnda: The Pop Sensation Talks New Music, Only Fans, and the Future

Many people across the globe have heard the name Paula DeAnda, specifically around the year 2006. DeAnda is an American singer/songwriter who made her career debut at the young age of 15 and is best known for her song “Walk Away.” But what is the pop star up to now? Since her debut on the music scene at a young age, Paula has continued to make magic and emerge as an icon in the industry that will always be one to watch.

After writing her debut song “Doing Too Much” at the age of 15, with collaborator Baby Bash – which went on to sell over 500k copies – Paula DeAnda was asked to open up for St. Louis’s own Nelly. It was on that stage where she performed that led her to her meeting with Clive Davis – changing her life and world as she knew it. Clive signed Paula on the spot after her audition, at the tender age of 16. Paula’s self-titled album also included the hit record “Walk Away” which climbed to number 4 on the American Billboard charts and earned her another gold plaque. During Paula’s time on the label, she performed “Easy”, her hit single ft Bow Wow, on one of the last episodes on the popular show – MTV’s Total Request Live. She made appearances on Regis & Kelly, Fred Ferguson, and Super Sweet 16.

After Clive’s departure from Arista, Paula began her new journey as an independent artist. She continues to make an impact with her music as well as being an inspiration to all women. After taking nearly a decade-long break from producing new singles, Paula is back and better than ever, and ready to share her new music with the world. But don’t call it a comeback – Paula is simply starting a new chapter in her story of success. To her, music will always be a passion, a creative outlet, and a way for her to express her emotions to the world.

A lot has changed since her initial debut in the music industry over a decade ago. Social media has entered society and has since taken over the entertainment industry. New platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Only Fans, etc., have been introduced as a way for individuals to connect to one another on a quicker, more personal level.

Paula’s Only Fans account was launched as a platform for her to be her true, authentic self while connecting with her supporters on a deeper level. Paula feels as though Only Fans is an outlet that truly allows artists to express themselves without limited restrictions and that eventually, more musicians will hop on the OF bandwagon. She hopes that through her free-willed expression, her followers will get a more exclusive look into her music and personal life, as well as her “Freaky” side.

When she isn’t working on music, Paula’s passion is beauty and fashion. Intrigued by a different art form, Paula is impressed by the skills makeup artists must acquire and the patience that they have to develop their craft. Working with makeup artists worldwide has allowed Paula to meet individuals who inspire her aesthetic. Paula exclusively told The Hype Magazine, “I love working with talented, humbled makeup artists. They really fuel me for the visuals that go hand in hand with my music career.”

When asked who her greatest motivator is, Paula stated that her peers give her the most motivation to continue making music. However, her biggest inspiration is her “Madre,” who she credits as a strong woman who always carries faith. She also proclaimed that her biggest focus right now is to reintegrate into Spanglish music and that she would love to collab with Latin artists, such as Maluma, Paloma Mami, and Rauw Alejandro.

Paula’s new music has an emphasis on her sexy side, and her main goal is to write songs that allow her to tell stories about raw love, connection, and authenticity. As she puts it, “I hear a beat and it speaks to me, it tells a story. Specific sounds can tell you what the mood of the song will be. The tone, the feel – it’s magical.” Looking back on her life, she would tell her younger self to “buckle up and enjoy the ride,” which she has made sure to do throughout the duration of her long-lasting career.

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