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Published on October 21st, 2021 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


New Album ‘Black Flag’ Garners Hope for the Next Generation of Hip Hop Out of the Midwest

There is a line that will live forever in the annals of Hip Hop…”The South’s Got Something to Say” uttered by the inimitable Andre 3000 of Outkast some years ago. Welp…now it’s the Midwest’s turn to claim the fame and Black Flag is a loud and clear trumpet signaling that Tech and Nelly aren’t the only monsters of the midwest! Black Flag is a compilation album that showcases various artists under the Blowin Money Fast imprint, masterminded by JBO of BMF fame who came home driven to put the midwest, specifically St. Louis BACK on the map with a crew of very talented artists that make you want to dig into the region more deeply.

JBO has been working diligently to find and give opportunities to artists from the region that have been slept on or otherwise overlooked and left out in the cold by a cruel industry where it’s the clout and not necessarily the talent that opens doors for artists. Salute to the man behind this stellar compilation, he found some very worthy artists to showcase.

This project offers something for everyone in my opinion but of course, there are always standouts to the reviewer, and for this instance that’s me! LOL

One of my favorites from the project is First Day Out by Quille, this one is gonna hit home for a lot of folks as it celebrates getting free of the system and could also be a metaphor for regaining your mind after being indoctrinated with the BS for your whole life…if you understand, you understand…if you don’t welp this joint isn’t for you. Next up for me is the storyteller Big Wayne with Do Right, this one right here is 100% for the street cats that dream of a different life…it’s complete with a strong woman who reassures her dude he CAN make it…that’s big! Lastly, I’m going with Maybach by La4ss and Junior…this one is smooth, well-produced, and has hit written all over it in my humble opinion. These two put one together that is out of this world!

Don’t get it twisted, I like the whole project but I HAD to pick a few, or else I’d sound like a fanboy LOL…let me know what you think and which joints touch you and meet you where you are! My overall score for the project is 4/5 based on variety, the ability to understand the lyrics clearly, and the star power some of these young lions exhibit on their joints also the production brought value as well.

Ok here’s a special mention Nobody with Gabbii and MBz Live …this song is so dope and the singer is on POINT! This is one of the joints that deserved to be pulled from the pack to get some individual shine. DJs DO YOUR DUTY ON THIS ONE!!! NOW I’m done!

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