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Published on February 14th, 2022 | by richvongod


KWEST Radio’s Artist of the Week Chasity Latrice “Can’t Be Stopped”

Chasity Latrice has dropped a bomb record “Can’t Be Stopped.” Watch out “yuh heard?!” This artist is on a mission for the Kingdom of God and she “Can’t Be Stopped.”  

She also has a brand new clothing line “Humble” reminding us all to stay low so we can glow.

Chasity Latrice believes today we get so wrapped up in seeing the mountains or obstacles in front of us that we forget who is with us! We serve the God that not only quickens the dead but calls things that are not as though they were. This is our encouragement for He has power over all things. So if the mountain or the obstacles are before you, God will allow things to be moved out your way or request that you climb up the mountain or walk through the process to get over the obstacle. Either way you “Can’t Be Stopped” because you serve the God that has all power in His hands.

STORY BY Asheyana Starling

Tune in Friday, February 18 at 8pm EST for Karlos Cobham’s thoughtful FRIDAYS as we learn, share and grow together on Artist Of The Week on KWEST Radio Chasity Latrice and hew new fire single available on all digital outlets Can’t Be Stopped.




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