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Published on April 20th, 2022 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


NAMEK and DJ BATTLECAT Drop ‘Priceless’ feat. Nhale (pka Baby Nate Dogg)

I can’t lie, this joint hits kinda personal for me, DJ Battlecat and I have a positive history for over a decade and Nhale’s pops Nate Dogg (RIP), was one of the first from the Dogg Pound I ever met and we too had positive history ever since the making of Welcome to Death Row, so when I hear NHale without looking at the screen, bruh…yeah the wind blew something in my eye… Namek is new to my circle but I interviewed him a while back and the dude is just damn brilliant and amazing to talk to. He’s been repping G Funk and Hip Hop at large from the Brown side for God knows how long, coming through the ranks of Freestyle Fellowship, Project Blowed, etc. So when I TELL you that this joint is HUGE…please believe it! I could write a thousand words about this joint and never repeat a thought, for some, it’s going to just be a banger and that’s cool too, but for those of us that KNOW, this joint with its collective is much deeper than we can go into in this article…also one of the Exec Producers Hen Gee has treated me like family since day one and that’s been 20+ years…ok I’m done because if you ain’t from the skip skip, I’m wasting my time anyway.

Here’s the official line on this deeper than it seems cut: Namek, DJ Battlecat, and Nhale link up for this smooth, west coast banger signifying black and brown unity. This is the first single off of Namek and Battlecat’s “3 x 3 Project”. Cameos include actor Noel Gugliemi, LA radio personalities Cece The Mamacita (93.5 KDay), Bryhana (Power 106), and legendary rapper Ras Kass. Brought to you by WCK Records and Final Level Music. Distributed by GT Digital Distribution on behalf of EMPIRE. Executive produced by Ice T and Hen Gee. Video shot & edited by Guap City Productions. Directed by Namek & Guap City.

l to r: Nhale, Namek, DJ Battlecat

Connect with these West Coast Stalwarts

Namek – https://www.instagram.com/namek626/

DJ Battlecat – https://www.instagram.com/djbattlecat/

Nhale – https://www.instagram.com/nhale7/

WCK Records – https://www.instagram.com/wckrecords/

Final Level Music – https://www.instagram.com/finallevelm…

Guap City Productions – https://www.instagram.com/guapcitypro…

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