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Published on June 8th, 2022 | by Tallie Spencer


Shabibz Turns Up The Heat With New Summer Anthem “Booty Go” ft. BSlime

California artist Shabibz is shaking up the summer with his latest single “Booty Go.” The track features Young Stoner Life recording artist BSlime and the accompanying video was even shot in Atlanta. 

“This single is pure energy and fun. It’s an anthem for bad bitches everywhere, anywhere, in any shape, size or form,” says Shabibz when asked to describe the new track. “It’s a culture deeper than ass shaking. I want people to feel empowered about themselves when playing this slap. Higher frequency.” 

The “Booty Go” release comes ahead of Shabibz second album slated to debut later this fall. 

Describing his overall sound as wavy, fresh and authentic, Shabibz seeks to connect with listeners from all ethnicities and walks of life with his music. “I want people to know that art and music is for everyone, regardless of the sound, genre, or where you were raised,” he said. “I want to really connect with communities. I just want everyone to know that someone is feeling them at all times. No one is ever truly alone ever in this world.”

Shabibz, whose name is mesh of the two Arabic words “Shabeb” and “Habibi”, also spoke on how his cultural upbringing is the reason he chose to pursue a career in music. 

“Being a Middle Eastern male, it was tough to talk about my feelings and be vulnerable with my family and culture. So I went to music to express that side of myself,” said Shabibz. “Music was the side of me where I could be free of any expectations, social norms and barricades that my culture and environment had on me. Music was always just there for me. Ready to take me in and explore within. I feel like I really found myself and my purpose in life through music. I want to share that now.”

Since releasing his debut project Step Back in 2021, Shabibz has received so much love as an artist with the project trending and charting in the Top 100 of 15 different countries. 

While listeners have to wait and see what the artist’s sophomore project will entail, be sure to stream “Booty Go” feat. BSlime in the meantime and follow Shabibz on Instagram @Shabibzzz to keep up with all the great things he has in store. 

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