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The Abbie Knights Show Talks Chaka Zulu’s Arrest on Murder Charges, TikToker Makes $750,000 Per Post and More

A brand-new episode of  The Abbie Knights Show is AVAILABLE NOW. In the latest episode of “TAKS”, Abbie Knights, DJ Ria, and DJ Cadence discuss Chaka Zulu being arrested on murder charges, Post Malone falls on stage, Vic Mensa gives away $10,000 worth of gas in Chicago, Lil Mama publicly slams Charlemagne the God, Aretha Franklin tops Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest songs of all time, Blue Face knocks out Chrisean Rock’s father, world’s most famous TikToker makes $750,00 per post and more.

Some highlights from this episode include:

  • Discussing Chaka Zulu and current murder charges:
    • Abbie Knights: “Let’s talk about Chaka Zulu and these murder charges that he’s been arrested on, crazy headline! What is happening in Atlanta? Chaka Zulu who’s been a staple in the community when it comes to music, now this happens, what are your thoughts on this situation? If you’re a rapper, in urban music and a male in Atlanta, I feel like you just need to go somewhere else at this point”.
    • Dj Cadence: “Rappers are being hunted these days. Our music, our genre and even though he’s not a rapper, just our industry [overall]. It looks like from the videos, I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos, but I know he was saying he was actually jumped, and one of the guys that passed away, my condolences to his family, he was one of the people that was actually involved in the fight. I hope that if everything is seeming the way that it is for him, he doesn’t have to go to jail. But it’s sad because we’ve been saying for a long time that these gun laws aren’t made for us, they’re made for everybody else in this country. I really hope that if that’s the situation, that he doesn’t go to prison for a long time, that’s really sad”.

Watch the full conversation below:


Featuring Special Celebrity Guest:

Jeff Christian Jr. from Love Island (Season 4, now available on Peacock TV) joins us to discuss his experience in the villa and his perspective on finding true love.

Some highlight’s from Love Island’s most eligible bachelor include:

  • Discussing Jeff’s experience in the villa:
    • Abbie Knights: “What was your experience like on Love Island”?
    • Jeff Christian Jr.: “My experience on Love Island was honestly a great experience, it was just… I would say, reality TV is something you really have to be mentally ready for. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park, but somebody like me, you know on the exterior I look like I’m a badass [but I’m really a sweetheart]. It was derailing, you [didn’t] know what was going on. How people [were] moving or who really has your back. It really had my mind racing at 110 every time”.
    • Abbie Knights: “Do you believe in true love and do you believe this experience has changed your perception on love now”?
    • Jeff Christian Jr.: “I do believe in true love. I’ve always believed in love, but this show definitely made me realize that timing is nothing. It doesn’t matter how long you know somebody, it definitely opened my eyes to that”.

Watch the full interview below:

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