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Published on December 19th, 2022 | by Jimmy Star


Composer Randy Edelman..Music to Soothe “The Beast Inside”…or Not

“Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires”…. William Shakespeare

There is a lot of beauty in creating a film, something so imaginative, so captivating and so impacting. It also takes equally ingenious and artistic minds to understand the deep meanings which these movies pass on and to appreciate the elegance of the work…but generating the music that breathes the heartbeat and soul into the motion picture…that goes above and beyond the very meaning of the word “creativity.” Composer RANDY EDELMAN has journeyed into that realm of creative infinity hundreds of times (Last of the Mohicans, My Cousin Vinny, Dragonheart, XXX, While You Were Sleeping, Billy Madison, Ghostbusters II, and many more), however with the soundtrack from “The Beast Inside” he even outdid himself and fashioned his own private Mt. Everest.

Randy Edelman has long been one of those divine and reverenced composers who have helped shape the film industry with his orchestral visions. Not unlike a prophet who utters divinely inspired musical revelations, Randy has conquered the symphonic textures for every type of film genre and is considered a champion within the terror class, (The Mummy 3, The Boy Next Door,  Anaconda, The Skulls, Diabolique). By meticulously blending the depths of darkness and the beauty and light of innocence and vulnerability he has elevated the new thriller “The Beast Inside” to a sphere or domain where anything prevails. The music speaks to us from a realm where the supernatural intermingles with God and man, where it takes you beyond the reach of science and beyond human explanation.

“The Beast Inside” set to release early next fall stars Vernon Wells (Commandos, Mad Max, Weird Science), Laurene Landon (Airplane, Maniac Cop), and Sadie Katz ( Wrong Turn 6, The Bill Murray Experience) and is directed by Jim Towns. It is a self-exorcism-themed film that follows the journey of Anne who is possessed by a family-inherited demon who threatened to kill her and then move on to her young son. Produced by See You Next Tuesday Films, the film includes executive producers Mario Reyes, John Pasquale, Jimmy Star, and Eileen Shapiro. The soundtrack is written and performed by Randy Edelman.

As Gatekeeper of “The Beast Inside” soundtrack, Randy’s supernatural musical talent lulls you into a false sense of security to a terrifying Beast empowerment, a spine-chilling adventure to say the least. Yet there is such prolific beauty reoccurring throughout the film within Randy’s sparkling piano arrangements. This soundtrack is destined to become horror royalty….

Review by Meredith Grant

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