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Get to know the Multi-Platinum Producer Behind some of Fantasia, Mya & Mike Jones’ biggest hits: Davion Botts – DBottz

Davion Botts better known as DBottz is an exceptionally gifted and vastly accomplished producer & businessman. His music credentials are quite impeccable! He has curated and created some of the biggest hits produced by your favorite artists. Names like Fantasia, Mya, Mike Jones and UGK among many others. DBottz is also the proud founder of the seasonal networking event known as “The Cookout” where creatives and entrepreneurs from all walks of life meet up and collaborate. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with DBottz (DB). Below are some excerpts from the interview.

DBottz – Multi-Platinum Producer

CM: It goes without saying that your reputation is simply impeccable! How exactly did your journey in music production begin? 

DB: It all started working at Guitar Center in 1999. I was hired just as a drummer who started playing keyboard a little. GC afforded me the opportunity to learn and build a lot of dope relationships.

CM: For those who may not know you well enough, please tell us who DBottz really is and what makes you tick? 

DB: I’m just a Foodie from Houston, Tx that loves his kids, music, and empowering/educating Indie Creatives!

CM: Speaking of things that make you tick, we have to highlight one of your main passion led projects: “The Cookout”. How did that start and what is your long term vision for that? 

DB: The Cookout started out of a bad experience at a songwriting camp. I saw people upset, hurt, and unprotected inside a studio setting. I felt the need to create an event where Indie artists could come and learn, grow, and be taught….all while feeling safe! The Cookout has taken off in the last 2 years here in the states, so I’m looking to grow it Internationally! I’ve already been in talks of taking it to London, Canada, and Africa. What The Cookout offers is needed in this day and age, so I just see it getting bigger and better long term!

CM: You’re evidently very multifaceted but your primary forte is in music production. Let’s touch on that a bit. How did you end up becoming a Multi-Platinum producer who has worked with icons such as Mya, Fantasia and Mike Jones? 

DB: My grandfather taught me as a young boy, all you have in this world is your name…and sometimes your name will go before you. Most of these opportunities simply came because I believe in doing good business, having good relationships, and making good music!

CM: Given your vast accomplishments and knowledge of the music industry, what advice would you offer entry level artists who aspire to become as prominent as some of the iconic artists you have produced over the years? 

DB: First, I would tell them to find their sound/lane and stay in it. Today’s industry is filled with so many copies of a lot of artists, it’s created a traffic jam musically. Secondly, have patience and trust the process. Overnight success stories are never overnight! 

CM: How do you see the next 5-10 years looking like in the music industry given the onset of AI? 

DB: This AI stuff is going to get crazy! While it can recreate the sound, it’ll never be able to create the authenticity, emotion, and vibe artists put into their records!

CM: You have the last word. What would you like to say in closing? 

DB: To ALL Independent Artists…NOW is the best time to be an Indie Creative! Things are shifting and the power is coming to us! Keep Grinding, Keep Going, and it WILL happen for you!

DBottz in Studio

Production Catalog;

DBottz – Founder of “The Cookout”

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