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Published on September 15th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


BLACKstreet BLVD: A Celebratory Live Session with the Icons

In a blaze of hometown glory, Blackstreet, the iconic GRAMMY Award-winning troupe, has etched its legendary mark onto the streets of Paterson, New Jersey. The city of silk and soul paid the ultimate homage to these musical trailblazers by unveiling “Blackstreet Blvd” on Friday, July 29, igniting Presidential Blvd with a celebration that had the whole block vibrating.

Nestled between the crossroads of West Broadway and Temple Street, the intersection of Blackstreet Blvd pulses with the rhythms of the group’s unparalleled contributions to the music cosmos. The aura is electric, with the very pavement paying homage to the anthems that have soundtracked lives across the globe.

The Blackstreet Kings shared their victorious moment with the world, as their social media feeds ignited with snapshots of the group in triumphant poses alongside their brand-new street sign. It’s an “It’s official!!!” moment for the ages, a dazzling proclamation that Paterson now boasts a street that beats to the rhythm of Blackstreet’s soulful beats.

“Our map’s got a new landmark, and it’s all us,” the group proudly exclaimed on social media, their joy reverberating through each keystroke and pixel. An outpouring of emotion, gratitude, and sheer disbelief painted their post. “From dreams to reality, this street immortalizes our journey – a testament to the power of music, passion, and hometown pride.”

The members of Blackstreet took a moment to send their heartfelt thanks echoing across the digital expanse. Dr. Lisa Mimms, Benjie Wimberly, Mike Jackson, Robert Artist, and the unsung heroes of the Paterson City Council received a shout-out, their vision and dedication made this epic day possible. The city itself basked in the warm glow of recognition, a beacon of creativity and nurturing that fostered these prodigious talents.

As “Blackstreet Blvd” stands in tribute, it’s a testament to the indelible impact these virtuosos have etched into the annals of music history. From harmonies that touch the soul to grooves that make the streets come alive, Blackstreet’s resonance is eternally woven into the very fabric of Paterson.

The journey from local heroes to global icons is encapsulated within these two words – “Blackstreet Blvd.” Each step they took, each note they sang, finds its echo in this hallowed ground. The street may bear their name, but the heart and soul of every fan, every lover of music, and every denizen of Paterson resides within its very essence.

I got to celebrate the moment after the fact during a Live Session conversation with the group, Chauncey “Black” Hannibal, Levi Little, Mark Middleton, and Eric Williams. Not only did we discuss the street naming in their honor but we chuckled and guffawed over some things that normally wouldn’t appear in an interview. They honored me greatly by organically allowing the “interview” to become a conversation of brothers who had accepted a new friend…I’m extremely grateful. Tune in below!


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