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Published on November 8th, 2023 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Keith Over: A Trailblazer in Tech Content Creation

The world of content creation has received a massive boom since 2020, for good reason. People who had time on their hands made good use of it. Now, in 2023, some of these content creators have become a massive hit with the audience, and Keith Over is one of them. Keith Over, known by his online moniker @KayJayOhPCs, has carved a unique path in tech content creation. By June 2021, he had amassed a formidable following of 400,000 eager enthusiasts. He decided to scale from a part-time “tech bro” who worked numerous gigs to a full-time tech guru by transitioning into an influencer. Now, that is a remarkable feat, a test of his authenticity and dedication.

In a digital landscape flooded with influencers, Keith stands out for his genuine and unmasked persona. He doesn’t put on a facade for the camera but infuses every video with his true self. This authenticity is the cornerstone of his deep and lasting connection with his audience, setting him apart from the crowd.

Keith’s ascent in content creation had its challenges. Skepticism and doubt from peers were early challenges he faced. Many couldn’t envision a viable career in content creation. Yet, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced Keith to make a pivotal choice. He decided to fully commit to content creation, which has undoubtedly paid off as his following grows.

A pivotal moment in Keith’s career was the release of his series showcasing the construction of a computer within an aquarium. This seemingly unconventional venture resulted in an astonishing 60 million views. This remarkable achievement catapulted him into the spotlight as a tech influencer with a unique edge.

Keith’s primary objective in this fast-paced digital landscape is unmistakable – to elevate brand awareness. He wants the world to recognize that what he’s doing is not just fascinating but also represents a burgeoning trend in the tech world. His message is concise and unwavering: “I’m here to share my passion for technology with the world.”

Keith’s approach is refreshingly open. He does not find the need to conceal any aspect of his art from his audience. He knows that people are watching and wants to leave an honest impression. The essence of Keith Over is all about authenticity, innovation, and a profound love for technology.

With his journey still unfolding, Keith Over is a trailblazer in tech content creation, inspiring others to embrace their genuine selves and pursue their passions, no matter how unconventional they seem. As he continues to share his tech-driven adventures and enthusiasm with the world, his impact on the industry is poised to grow and evolve, creating a vibrant space for all tech enthusiasts to explore and connect.

Stay connected with Keith and explore his tech adventures as they are published. Check out his TikTok account, Instagram, and YouTube channel, and get ready to be wowed by the fascinating world of tech content creation:

TikTok: @KayJayOhPCs

Instagram: @KayJayOhPCs

YouTube: @KayJayOhPCs


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