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Published on July 11th, 2015 | by Geneva Relf


Guess Whose Back …… Ryan Leslie


Ryan Leslie released this hit single before dropping an album on July 4th, entitled MZRT which can only be found on the site however here is the kicker for any album  if you wanted wanted the special July 4th edition you were going to pay about five thousand dollars! However there were only four copies and all four have been sold, makes you wonder who bought a copy for five thousand dollars? Still don’t believe this check it out here However you can say that Ryan Leslie is one of the greatest and has worked on both sides of the studio as  producer, writer, artists or just simply stamping his name on a hit! However this time he teamed up with Bobby V whose making his comeback with a film that’s in the works in Atlanta. Bobby V is all hands in the movie including productions, soundtrack plus the added bonus of acting in the film. However this collaboration was a tiny shocker but when your Ryan Leslie you can make any track catch fire, however that’s one opinion! To hear the whole album “MZRT” listen for yourself and see if this album even for one day was worth five thousand!

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