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Published on June 5th, 2016 | by DiamondKesawn


Chance Major and The Major Family Show

self-made [ˈself ˈmād] “having become successful or rich by one’s own efforts:”

Leonard “Chance Major” McCrary is a true visionary. He is a writer, director, rapper, father, husband, son, Kappa, self made boss, and most of all CREATIVE.


You may remember his name from the release of “Kold Kurriculum.” After being introduced to Chance through this project, I knew he had something within.

Continuing with the creative process, Chance introduced me to his recent project entitled, “The Major Family Show.” The Major Family Show is a scripted series based on the Major Family. This is a project that is constructed to get back to the basics of when family values were key to a good show. As you can guess, Chance has the show based on his family.

For me episode one is all about Trinity. Babeeee, Trinity is one of the daughters and she steals the entire episode. According to the breakdown,

In this episode of the Major Family Show, each of the children have their own issues that they have to deal with. Mom and Dad find themselves coming to the rescue by helping the kids deal with their insecurities, teaching them self worth, and boosting their confidence.”

I don’t care what that says, episode one is all about Trinity and how she is the funniest one of the family. To give you a visual imagine Family Matters blended with Black-ish and you have the Major Family Show.


With the good comes the aggravating, and you all know I gotta keep it real with you. Here we go:

  1. The show is NOT taped in front of a live audience but it has the fake laughs embedded in them and they are agggggggyyyyyyyyy. LoL
  2. Chance calls his wife “Wife” and she calls him “Husband.” Ummmmm, can I get a character name? We know what roles you play.
  3. The children are so respectful. However, almost too respectful. EVERYTHING is Yes Ma’am and No Sir. Really? #WTDTA? Even the Huxtable children weren’t that disciplined.
  4. The first episode is so “Lesson” based that you really couldn’t get a feel for the show. You really have to watch episode two which I call, “Checkers With Trent” to really make a full evaluation on how you feel about the show.
  5. Chance is a jack of ALL trades, but did he really have to do the intro to the show as well? Come on, Chance! We know you got Barzzzzz. LoL

All in all, I enjoyed viewing all 3 episodes. I think I may need to pop up in one and spice it up. LoL! Get into episode two below.

In this episode of the Major Family show, Trent gets a tough lesson in competitiveness. After finding himself wanting to quit, Mom has to step in and reassure him of his abilities.”

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