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Published on January 20th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


The LOX sit in on Whoolywood Shuffle and drop some truths with DJ Whoo Kid

The LOX (@TheRealStylesP, @TheRealKiss, @RealSheekLouch) lock in with DJ Whoo Kid (@DJWhooKid) and snap on the younger generation of Hip Hop, saying Lyor Cohen responsible for the state the music and lack of care for history by the young lions. Styles P gives a MASSIVE co-sign for the work Young M.A is doing and says she “..killed it” and that he respects what she did on her freestyle “Eat” which she laid over the classic “Money, Power, Respect” music bed.

The interview went through the beef years and situations that could’ve turned violent, and they said today’s beefs are different than their beefs.  This is due to the fact that they believe beefs now are media driven.  When asked about Young M.A covering “Money, Power, Respect” no one heard her version except Styles, who heavily cosigned the record saying she did it justice.

Then the interview took a turn at the end, where it seemed as if something was eating away at Jada the whole interview.  He completely snapped and didn’t hold back, he said “Lyor Cohen is the reason for hip hop turning out the way it has, with him [Lyor] controlling all these younger artists and their 720 deals.”  He continued by stating, “You don’t need to learn your history anymore, all you need is green dreads/a Rolex and you’re good.”  The group believes the industry will shift and cater more to single deals to have more turnaround time in going through artists.  They closed out by saying, “Those Instagram pics with money being held to your ear like a phone, be careful because you only own $20 of that, it’s like a collect call.  Also, be careful they don’t 360 your single deal and 360 your allowance you receive from your parents.”

Courtesy of DJ Whoo Kid


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