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Published on October 26th, 2017 | by 00T456578754920


New York Rapper Maino Uses Hardcore Appeal in Party & Pain Mix-tape

Brooklyn born rapper Maino certifies his hooligan status with mix-tape Party and Pain.  The new material from Hustle Hard Entertainment is immaculate, as Maino brings the heat and vision once again to New York rap.  Maino recently pinned an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club explaining why he parted with former label Atlantic Records.  Dominating the mix-tape circuit in the last few years, Maino returns with the 16-track effort featuring Fat Joe, Dave East, and Young Greatness among others.  Maino promotes survival of the fittest in a concrete jungle that has no rules set.  He redefines the love of his Brooklyn borough.

Displaying a hustler’s ambition behind hardcore content, Maino rhymes the pain of New York City through the rawness of street tales.  “Tired” and “The Ghost of Khalief Browder” are gritty portrayals of hope or indifference to those facing injustices.  Maino raps with his back against a wall in title track, “Pain and Love” detailing a crooked system.  Maino addresses genuine spiritual awakening in his reflections of God on tracks like, “God Bless.”

In 2009, the rapper, hit the airwaves with the popular singles, “Hi Hater,” and “All The Above” featuring T-Pain.  Since then he has teamed with fellow Brooklynite G-Unit Records, Uncle Murda to boost the Yellow Tape: King Kong and Godzilla mix-tape recording.  Maino represents the resurrection of New York rap.  As well as the rebirth of hardcore hip hop.

His voice resounds as a beacon of hope for those lost in the system.  Maino himself served ten years in prison, often rapping daily to pass the time.  After a decade of pain, he emerged as a premiere rap general.  As he continues to explore his destiny, his raw temperament makes him a force in the rap game.  After listening to his latest, it can’t be denied that Pain is Love.


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